Group Members

(Partial List)

Bob Robinson (1957-1962)
Jerry Redd (1963-????)

Calvin Newton (1957-????)

Don Butler (1957-1958)
Lee Kitchens (1959-????)

The Sons Of Song (1957-????)


1958 The South's Most Colorful Gospel Singers (Sacred Records/LP 9053): If You Know The Lord; Sometimes I Cry; He'll Make A Way; My Jesus Knows; Open Up Those Pearly Gates; Heavenly Love; Something Within; What A Friend; Since Jesus Came Into My Heart; I Asked The Lord; Roamin' River (Bob Robinson, Calvin Newton, Don Butler).

1959 Riverboat Jubilee (Sacred Records/LP 8014/LPS 6010): Old Camp Meeting Time; Lonesome Road; Heaven's Jubilee; When They Ring The Golden Bells; O Rock Of Ages; Somewhere A Voice Is Calling; Lord, I Want To Go To Heaven; He's Everywhere; Amazing Grace; Sorry, I Never Knew You; Not By Bread Alone; Do You Know Jesus (Bob Robinson, Calvin Newton, Don Butler).

1961 Sing "Unto Him" (Songs Of Faith Records/SOF-104): Unto Him; Pass Me Not Oh Gentle Savior; Spiritual Medley; Have You Seen My Daddy Here; Sweetest Mother; Into The Light; Anytime Anywhere; Jesus Knows All About You; This Man; I'll Never Be Forsaken; America Medley; Songs Of The Cross (Bob Robinson, Calvin Newton, Lee Kitchens).

1962 Wasted Years (Songs Of Faith Records/SOF-105): Wasted Years; Highway To Heaven; Had It Not Been For You; I've Got Love; How Far Is Heaven; Palms Of Victory; Thank You For Taking Me Home; If I Had My Life To Live Over; The Old Gospel Ship; My Little Boy Blue; I'm On My Way; A Soul Is Saved (Also issued as Wasted Years on Big Gospel Records/BG-SLP-112, I'm On My Way on Gospel World Records/GW 105, and Sing Of Inspiration on Zest Records/ZLP-1000) (Bob Robinson, Calvin Newton, Lee Kitchens).

1963 Something Old, Something New (Songs Of Faith Records/SOF-111): In The Garden; Way Up Yonder; Rock Of Ages; I'm Building A Bridge; Whispering Hope; My Prayer Forever; Precious Memories; Jesus Use Me; Never Grow Old; Distant Hills; Take My Hand Precious Lord (Jerry Redd, Calvin Newton, Lee Kitchens).

1966 Gospel Time (Songs Of Faith Records/SOF-130): Home Is Where I Long To Be; My Questions Will Be Answered Someday; That's When I Call The Lord; Ashamed; I'm Just Beginning; Precious Lord Is My Lord; Sound The Alarm; I'll Read The Bible When I Need The Lord; Calvary; If You're Without Him; Daniel Prayed In The Lion's Den; I Walked Alone (Jerry Redd, Calvin Newton, Lee Kitchens).

1971 The Sons Of Song Sing 12 Lee Roy Abernathy Songs (White Church Records/12-1791): You Can't Put A Price On Your Soul; Hard Labor; My God Goes With Me; Beautiful Streets Of Gold; He's Such A Comfort To Me; All About Jesus; I'm Ready Now To Go; I'm Building A Bridge; I'm Gonna Roll Along; Big Boss; Connect Me With My Lord; Mom And Dad. (1971 release of a 1962 recording).
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