Sandy Knight


Sandy Knight is a Southern Gospel singer and songwriter. She sang with the Roy Knight Singers. Her compositions have been recorded by many artists through the years including the Kingsmen Quartet, Brian Free And Assurance, and Karen Peck And New River. She also owns her own publishing company, Sandy Knight Music.

Songwriter's Résumé

(Partial List)

A Sound From The Other Side
Ain't It Just Like God
All I Know
Angels All Around
Angels Don't Always Have Wings
Angels Everywhere
Another Chance For God To Move
Back To Egypt
Behold The Master Cometh
Come And See
Declaration Of The Christ
Don't Underestimate God's Grace
Even John Couldn't Tell It
Fourth Man Walking
Go Ahead And Shout
God's Building A Church
God's Eternal Day
Greener Pastures
He Sent Me Running
Healing Stream
Hello In Heaven
He's Been Known To Do It Before
He's In The House
He's My Shepherd
He's Sending Miracles
Hit The Ground Running
Holy Ghost Wind
How Deep Is The Water
I Can Find My Way Home From Here
I Can Hear You Now
I Think I'll Read It Again
I Want To Die Living
I'll Not Turn My Back On Him Now
I'll See You When I Get There
I'm Going Over
In The Middle Of Everyday Life
In The Middle Of My Everyday Life
In The Twinkle Of An Eye
It's Just That Near
It's Still My Father's World
Jesus Got Under My Load
John Saw
Keep Testifying
Last Mile Running
Let's Go To Meeting
Little David
Lord Stir The Wind
Much Needed Touch
My Everyday Life
No Death
On The Grounds Of Grace
One More Time
Only What God Can Do
Paramount Love
Pass The Torch
Payday For Prayer
Ready For Revival
Rivers Overflowing
Royal Blood
Runnin' In The Rain
Satan's Tomb Was Sealed
Shoutin' Ground
So Simple So Profound
Somebody Touched The Lord
Sound From The Other Side
Stripes Were Made For That
The Boneyard
The Love Of God Forever Shall Remain
The Moving Of The Water
The Next Cloud
The Wind Blew In
Use His Name
Viewing Heaven First Hand
Walk The Talk
What A Great Lifestyle
What Meaneth This
When I'm New
When Jesus Passed By
When Jesus Passes By
When Jubilee Begins
You Keep Praying
You're At The Well
You're In Your Father's House
Very First Thing

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