Group Members

Reggie Saddler
Bridgette Saddler
Ingra Saddler
Shivonne Saddler
Jacinta Saddler

Reggie Saddler Family (199?-201?)


1996 Down On My Knees (Ambur Records) He Leadeth Me; I Want To Live For Jesus; Ten Thousand Angels & Me; Old Days; Down On My Knees; Walk Around Me Jesus; He Whispers Sweet Peace To Me; So Much To Thank Him For; Satisfied; Hallelujah I'm Ready To Go. (Ingra, Shivonne, Jacinta) (billed as The Saddler Sisters).

1998 Amazing Grace (Ambur Records)

1999 Precious Lord (Ambur Records) I've Got Me A Home; Precious Lord Take My Hand; He Will; Jesus Looked Beyond My Faults; One Left Justified; Procrastinate; They Can't Take That away From Me; Lead Me; Finally Did Something Right; Before The Sun Goes Down. (Reggie, Bridgette, Ingra, Shivonne, Jacinta).

2000 Tear The Roof Off (Ambur Records)

2000 Hymns And Classics (Ambur Records)


2001 The Solid Rock (Ambur Records/AMC1642)

2001 Hymns, Classics & Favorites Live (Ambur Records)

2002 Fired Up Live (Ambur Records)

2003 Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere (Ambur Records/CR04842): Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere; Oh What A Blessing It Is; Because Of You; If I Could Just Get In One Of His Meetings; If It Wasn't For Your Love; Above The Clouds; As The Old Fellow Used To Say; All Behind Me Now; Help Me Not To Forget; Give It To Me; I Want To Make Heaven My Home; Oh How He Loves You And Me.

2004 The Real Thing (Ambur Records/CR06102)

2007 Keep The Light On (Ambur Records)

2009 Hymns & Spirituals (Ambur Records): O I Want To See Him; Gone; Going Up Yonder; In Tenderness He Sought Me; Glory To His Name; The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power; I Will Sing The Wondrous Story; Near The Cross; O Happy Day; Learning To Lean (Reggie Sadler, Ingra Sadler, Bridgette Sadler).

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