Group Members

Eric Phillips (2022-present)

Josh Feemster (2022-present)

Tim Feemster (2022-present)

Christian Davis (2022-present)

Quartet Classic (2022-present)


In late 2022, it was announced that a quartet that had only sung occasionally within baritone Tim Feemster's church up to that point would be officially launching as Quartet Classic, with the stated purpose of "paying homage to the great quartets of the past." While the group only traveled on a limited basis and mostly sang Southern Gospel songs from the 1970s and 1980s, the group was notable for its lineup consisting of mostly known names that had not been on the road for a while up to that point. Tim's brother (former Mercy's Mark lead/Legacy Five tenor Josh Feemster) sang lead, and the lineup was rounded out by former Mark Trammell Trio tenor Eric Phillips and former Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet/Mercy's Mark bass Christian Davis.

Before the official launch, the bass role had been filled by several people, including Chris West and Bill Lawrence.


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