Group Members

Ralph Freeman (1970-1982)
Darrell Freeman (1970-1982)
Eddie Freeman (1970-1982)
Dave Freeman (1970-1982)
Wilma Freeman (1970-1982)
Chris Freeman (19??-1982)

Pathways (1970-1982)


The Freeman family was initially billed as The Pathways from 1970-1982. In 1982, the group name was changed to the Freemans. Within a year or so, all the former Pathways members had left The Freemans except for Darrell and Chris Freeman who continued the group later joined by Darrell's cousin Joe and their children Misty and Caylon.


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1975 Look For Me At Jesus' Feet (Jordan Records): Look For Me At Jesus' Feet; Trust In The Lord; When I Wake To Sleep No More?; Let's All Go Down To The River; One Day Too Late; Country Boy; If I Could Have The World The Way I Want It?; Over The Next Hill We'll Be Home; Stepping On The Clouds; Ready To Leave; He's Real; Hallelujah Square.

1976 Hallelujah Meetin' (Jordan Records): What A Beautiful Day; The Sweetest Words He Ever Said; Since You Gave Me A Song; Master Of The Sea; Ain't That What It's All About; Trials Can't Compare To The Glory Over There?; Something I Can Feel; Heaven's Best; Tears Will Never Stain The Streets Of That City; Hallelujah Meetin'; Love Will Roll The Clouds Away.

1977 Original (Jordan Records): My Friends; On Heaven's Bright Shore; No Emptyness; He Is Always Near; Get Ready Brother; Stand By Me; My Robe And Crown; Wait'll You See My Brand New Home; What A Gathering; Every Day Is A Good Day; It'll Be Alright With Me.

1978 Childhood Memories (Jordan Records): The Master's Strong Hand; If You Don't Like Shoutin'; I Won't Walk Alone?; Lord, Don't Move That Mountain; Childhood Memories; He Found Me; I Won't Walk Without Jesus; Crucified All Over Again?; When I Finally Make It Home?; No Measure Of Time; Sing The Glory Down.

1979 Carry On: (Jordan Records).

1980 Hometime (Jordan Records): One Of These Days; Gloryland; I'll Need A New Body?; Just A Little Closer Home; Now I'll See Jesus?; I've Never Been This Homesick Before; When My Ship Anchors; I Might Be Leavin' In The Morning?; The Sun Coming Up In The Morning?; I'll Sail Away Home.

1982 Lay It Down And Leave It (Trail Records/TSRC-1982): Lay It Down And Leave It; Rags To Riches; The Landing Lights; I've Been Redeemed; Oh What A City; Sweeter His Way; Captain Of Sunshine; It'll Be Alright With Me; Caravan Of Grace; We Shall Meet.

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