Jeremy Ballinger (2015-201?)
Tim Owens (201?-present)

Lee McNeil (2015-2018)
Bob Sellers (2018-2019)
Adam Borden (2019-present) (also played bass guitar)

Les Butler (2015-present) (also played piano)

Mike Holcomb

Les Butler (2015-present) (also sang bariteon)

Bass Guitar
Adam Borden (201?-present) (also sang lead)

Old Time Preachers Quartet (2015-present)


Old Time Preachers Quartet was formed in 2015 by Les Butler (baritone/pianist) and former Inspirations bass singer Mike Holcomb. They were initially joined by Jeremy Ballinger (tenor) and Lee McNeil (lead). As the name implies, all four members of the group were traditional preachers. Over the next few years, Tim Owens replaced Ballinger as the group's tenor and former Kingsmen Quartet member Bob Seller replaced McNeil at the lead position. Former Gold City Quartet bass player Adam Borden also joined the group to play bass guitar.

The group was initially part-time with each man involved in other various ministries outside the scope of the group. As demand for the group increased their appearances increased as well from 50-60 annually to more than 100. Bob Sellers left the group in 2019 to focus on his solo singing ministry, and Adam Borden stepped into the lead singer role.


???? The Old Time Way: The Old Time Way; I Won't Have To Worry Anymore; Just A Little Talk With Jesus; That I Could Still Go Free; I'll Ride This Ship To The Shore; I Believe He's Coming Back; Somewhere Between Conviction And Grace; Wavin' This World Goodbye; I Can't Even Walk; When I Wake Up (Ballinger, McNeil, Butler, Holcomb).

???? Long Live Old Time Religion (Owens, Sellers, Butler, Holcomb, Bordon).

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