Group Members


Woody Beatty
Peggy Beatty
Ed Enoch
Ron Hamilton
Jake Hess

Music City Singers (196?-19??)

The Music City Singers were a mixed trio consisting of Woody Beatty, Peggy Beatty and Ed Enoch during the mid- to late-1960s. The group was original billed as The Inspirations. At least four LPs featuring this line-up were released as The Inspirations. There was no connection to the male quartet based in Bryson City, North Carolina that also formed in the mid-1960s.

When Ed Enoch left the Music City Singers to join JD Sumner And The Stamps Quartet in 1969, the group continued for a while with Ron Hamilton and Jake Hess. While Hess traveled with the group, they were billed as Jake Hess & The Music City Singers.


196? The Inspirations Sing Something Old Something New (Scripture Records): I'm Walking But Not Alone; There's Been A Change; The Old Landmark; The Devil's After You; Rock My Soul; Footprints Of Jesus; Amazing Grace; A Friend Indeed; I Would Not Be Denied; There's Power In The Blood; Stand By Me; Let The Lower Lights Be Burning. (Woody Beatty, Peggy Beatty, Ed Enoch).

196? Inspirations (Family Tone Records/FT-300): Come All Ye Children Let's Sing; Lord I Need You; That's Enough; Close To The Master; Oh It Thrills Me; There's A Reason; Sweet Jesus; Without Him; I'm Too Near Home; I Just Steal Away And Pray; The Old Country Church (Woody Beatty, Peggy Beatty, Ed Enoch).

196? Beyond The Sunset (Custom Records): Beyond The Sunset; Is That The Lights Of Home; There's A Light At The River; I Don't Need To Understand; I'm Gonna Be There; My Altar; His Name Is Wonderful; I've Got It; How Great Thou Art; When He Set Me Free; Walk With Me; Lord, It's Me Again (Woody Beatty, Peggy Beatty, Ed Enoch).

196? The Gospel In Song (Custom Records): One More Valley; Tell Me His Name Again; He Touched Me; Poor Rich Man; Until You've Known; The Lord Will Provide; Shake The Master's Hand; Prisoner Of Love; He Filled A Longing; Jesus, I Believe What You Said; The Little Country Church; I Want To See Jesus (Woody Beatty, Peggy Beatty, Ed Enoch).

196? Jake Hess Presents The Music City Singers (BMC Records): I'm Happy Now; The Holy Hills Of Heaven; Jesus Is Coming Soon; He Looked Beyond; Jesus Is A Soul Man; Too Much To Gain To Lose; It Won't Be Long; After All; He Filled A Longing; Just A Churchgoer (Woody Beatty, Peggy Beatty, Ed Enoch).
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