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???? Lord, I Thank You (Sacred Sounds): Lord I Thank You; Hand Me Down; He Will Calm The Troubled Waters; I've Got My Foot On The Rock; Children Born In Bethlehem; Gonna Run On Home Now; When He Was On The Cross; John The Revelator; Oh What A City; I'll Never Die. (Sonya, Becky, Ben).

1988 Heartbeat (Harvest Records/HAR1131): Another Valley; What Will You Say; Heartbeat From Heaven; Jesus Is The Light; I'll Sail For Higher Ground; What A Debt He Paid For Me; He's Done More; Mother How I Love You; Enter Into The Joy Of The Lord; What's Ever Happened To Love. (Sonya, Lily, Ben, Becky, Joe).

1989 Family Chain (Harvest Records/HAR1163): Forever In Heaven; I Found It All In The Blood; Someone Is Waiting For You; Walk Beside Me; I'll Be A Witness; Family Chain; Let Your Light Shine For Jesus; I'm Tired Of Sin; The Power Of The Holy Ghost; Jesus I'll Never Forget.
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