Group Members

Karl Rice (2001-2006)
Mark McPherson (2006-2008)
Jodi Hosterman (2012-2013)
Chris Gibson (2013-2015)
Ray Carver (2016)

Elizabeth Pearson (2008-2009; 2016-2017)
Kim Temko (2009-2012)

Mike Bolen (2001-2017)

Gene Haselden (2001-2010)
David Lethco (2010-2011)
Tim McClain (2012-2015)
Chip McCaa (2015-2017)

Roger Wendell (2004-2005)
Mark Fink (2005-2009)
Darrell Vick (2010-2011)
Rick Walls (2012-2014)
Hunter Segers (2014-2017)

Rick Coker (2007-2013)

Holy City (2001-2017)
For the song, see The Holy City


The Holy City Quartet was founded in 2001 by Mike Bolen as the Holy City Trio. It became the Holy city Quartet in 2004 with the addition of bass singer Roger Wendell.

It is notable for being home to several well-known singers including Karl Rice, Jodi Hosterman and Rick Walls.

The group disbanded in early 2017.

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