Heirline (circa 2010)


Ernie Dawson (1994-1996)
Paul Kennamer (1996-1997)
Adam Elrod (1997-1999, 1999-2002)
Dallas Rogers (2002-2003)
Katrina Hasty (Headrick) (2003-2004)
Amanda Till (Smith) (2005-2006)
Sandi Templeton (2008-2011)
Jackie Lamb (2006-2007, 2011-2013)
Landon Dawson (2013-Present)

Gary Winningham (1994-1996)
Ernie Dawson (1996-2020)
Eric Dawson (2020-Present)

Paul Kennamer (1994-1996)
Gary Winningham (1996-2002)
Jeff Moore (2002-2005)
Eric Dawson (2005-2020)
Austin Olvey (2017- 2022)

Jack Kuykendall (199?-199?)

Heirline (1994-Present)


Heirline was launched in 1994 by Ernie Dawson who had previously performed with the Interstate Quartet. Vocalists in the new trio included Dawson, Gary Winningham, and Paul Kennamer. The group's first album was titled Destiny and released in 1996. Heirline moved to the Eddie Crook's Morning Star record label for their second album titled The Sky's The Limit.

Dawson suffered a major heart attack in 2001 which sidelined the group for a while. In 2002 after Dawson's return, the group moved to Eddie Crook's new Cross & Crown record label to release an album titled Homecoming Day. Three years later, Heirline's song "You'll Never Run Out Of The Blood" from their album Alive In Christ reached the number one spot on the Singing News Top 80 chart.

Ernie Dawson's son Eric Dawson made his first appearance on an album titled Words in 2006. Ernie's wife Linda had joined the group by 2009 when they released an album titled The Reason I Sing.

Ernie Dawson was hospitalized again in 2011 for more than 30 days due to a staff infection that required part of his left foot to be removed. Dawson suffered another heart attack and in the ensuing surgery was dropped off the operating table, breaking his collar bone. Eric Dawson fulfilled dates for Heirline with Jackie Lamb and Ernie’s youngest son Landon Dawson during his father's extended hospital stay. Ernie ultimately resumed traveling with the group for several years.

After Ernie Dawson passed away in July of 2020, the group was continued by his sons Eric Dawson (lead) and Landon Dawson (tenor) with Austin Olvey (baritone).


1996 Destiny (Charity Records): God's Gonna Shake This Place; Take What I Have; Behold The Nail Scarred Hand; Crimson Flow; That Good New Wine; Jesus Is More Than Enough; Commander In Chief; 'Till He Calls Me Away; River Of Jordan; Destiny. (Ernie Dawson, Gary Winningham, Paul Kennemar, Jack Kuykendall)

1997 The Sky's The Limit (MorningStar Records/MS4270): I'll Have A New Life; Let's All Stand Together; I Need A Healing Touch; What A Hallelujah Morning; Oh What A City; Holy Ghost Revival; Stay Close By The River; I Can't Stop Till I Reach Canaan's Land; Finally Home; If That Wasn't God; My Mamma's Prayer; I'm Going To Reach Heaven.

1999 I See Jesus (MorningStar Records/): Jesus Has Conquered The Grave; True Predictions; Oceans Of Grace; I See Jesus; Where There's No Night; My Shadow; Great Gettin' Up Morning; The Old Weapons Still Work; On The Battlefield; He's Alive. (Ernie Dawson, Gary Winningham, Adam Elrod).

2001 Refuge (MorningStar Records/): (Ernie Dawson, Gary Winningham, Adam Elrod).

2002 Homecoming Day (Cross And Crown Records/): I Will Stand For Jesus; He'll See You Through; He Chose The Nails; Homecoming Day; That's God; When Sin Met Grace; Farther Along; My Shadow (featuring Landon Dawson) (Ernie Dawson, Dallas Rogers, Jeff Moore).

2004 Heirline Hits (Cross And Crown Records/7013): Let's All Stand Together; Healing Touch; Holy Ghost Revival; Finally Home; My Mama's Prayer; Jesus Has Conquered The Grave; Oceans Of Grace; He's Alive; Lord, Send A Refuge; I'm Going Up; I've Made Up My Mind; Gardens Of Stone; Baby From Bethlehem; That's When I'll Know I'm Home; I See Jesus; My Shadow; I'm Gonna Reach Heaven.

2004 Alive In Christ (Cross And Crown Records/): I'm Saved; He's God; You'll Never Run Out Of The Blood; Alive In Christ; Take Me Back; Lord I Will Go; There You Are; The Church United; My Home; I've Been There; The Shadow Of The Cross; He Chose The Nails.

2006 Words (Cross And Crown Records/): (Ernie Dawson, Eric Dawson, Amanda Till Smith).

2007 Treasured Memories

2009 The Reason That I Sing (Custom Records/): Beneath His Wings; The Reason That I Sing; Not The Man I Used To Be; Think Of Me; Until The Storm Is Over; Take Me Home; I Should Have Led Him To The Lord; My God Is Able; Mama's Love; Crying For Crumbs; My Shadow.

2011 25 Years And Pressing On (Homeland Records/):

2015 Glimmer of Hope (Custom Records/): Press On; Brand New Things; The Man Upstairs; God Still Dries Our Tears; Old Filthy Rags; End Of The Aisle; Sometimes You're Daddy; Absent From The Body; God's Children; Spiritual Medley; Here Comes The Lord.

2016 Songs We Like To Sing (Custom Records/):

2019 A Very Merry Heirline Christmas (Custom Records):
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