Group Members


Wilburn "Dad" Harris (????-????)
Leon Harris (????-????)
Jean Harris (????-????)
Cal Harris (????-????)
Karen Harris (????-????)
Paul Harris (????-????)
Ken Rolens (????-????)

The Gospel Rhythm-Aires (????-????)

The Gospel Rhythm-Aires were based in Denair, California.


196? Old Time Singing (Vision Records/GRA 303): He Included Me; Heaven Really Gonna Shine; Praying; When The World's On Fire; Living Water; I'm Going To Heaven; There's A Higher Power; The Great Speckled Bird; Come Unto Me; Old Time Religion; Light At The River; He Was Waiting At The Altar.

196? New Country (Vision Records/GRA 404): New Country; Living Water; Pray Every Day; We Are Climbing; This Train; One Way Ticket; All The Way To Heaven; Jesus Is Coming Soon; Satan And The Saint; Jesus Is The Way; When I Reach That City; He Forgives And Forgets.

196? I'll Never Be Afraid (Vision Records/GRA 606): I'll Never Be Afraid; There'll Be Shouting; On Top Of The Mountain; I'm Gonna Sing; I'll Fly Away; Because; Are You Ready To Go; You Paid The Price; John The Baptist; Turn To Jesus; Satan Is Real.

197? On Tour (Vision Records/GRA 707): Because I Prayed To-Day; I Know; Jesus; Joy Bells; If You're Gonna Ba A Christian, Be One; Almost Home; Jesus Use Me; Searching For The Answer; To Live Again; Guilty Was I.

197? Heaven Is My Home (Vision Records/WK1 147): Heaven Is My Home; Shouting On The Hills; He Knows What I Need; Sheltered In His Arms; There's Nothing Wrong In Saying Praise The Lord; Keep Walking; Almost Home; The Eliazers Call; All The Way To Heaven; I'm The Lamb.

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