Don Koch (January 1, 1962 - January 16, 2024)


Don Koch was born in San Jose, Costa Rica to missionary parents. Living throughout South America and the U.S. during his childhood, he eventually made Miami his home until moving to Nashville in 1980. He attended Belmont College and pursued a career in sound engineering.

While trying his hand at songwriting, one of the first songs he wrote with a friend was recorded and he was instantly bitten by the songwriting bug. He signed his first publishing deal with The Benson Record Company in 1986 and went on to write 40 No. 1 songs. Some of his best-known hits include "In Christ Alone," "Mercy Said No," "Adonai," "Mercy Came Running," and "Jesus Saves".

Songwriter's Résumé

(Partial List)

Crucified With Christ
In Christ Alone
Love Has Triumphed
Mercy Came Running
Mercy Said No
More Love Than I Ever Imagined
Nothing Stops The Savior's Love
Over The Horizon
The Measure Of A Man
What The Lord Loves
Yesterday's News

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