CrossWay, 2004

Group Members

Casey Cappleman (1998-2003)
Marty Hurt (2003-2005)
Scott Rogers (2005-2008)

Marty Hurt (1998-2002)
Matt McFarland (2002-200?)

Paul Smith (1998-2008)

Chris Weaver (1998-2006)

Crossway (1998-200?)

Crossway began as a quartet in 1998. They got a boost in popularity in 2001 when they signed with Spring Hill Records. In 2002, the group recorded a popular song titled "The Long Arm Of Love" with their heroes, the Oak Ridge Boys. In 2006, after a few personnel changes at the tenor and lead positions, bass singer Chris Weaver left Crossway. Rather than replacing Weaver, the remaining group members decided to continue as a trio. This arrangement lasted for two more years until another group member left. Baritone Paul Smith and lead singer Matt McFarland decided to continue Crossway as a duo at that point. The group later dissolved.


1998 Nothing To Fear (ArtisTracks Productions/ATS1009): Nothing To Fear; Still Small Voice; Follow God's Word; I Can't Wait To Get To Heaven; All I Know; Almost Home; Calvary's Hill; He Keeps Me Singing; He Looked Beyond My Faults; Hallelujah

2000 Quartet Singiní (Crossway Ministries/CQ00-01): Iím Gonna Live Forever; Jesus Is My Best Friend; He Makes No Mistake; I Want To Walk; Step Into The Water; There Is A River; Victory Road; Feeling At Home In The Presence Of Jesus; Carried Away; Step Along (Casey Cappleman, Marty Hurt, Paul Smith, Chris Weaver, produced by Daniel Riley).

2001 No Distractions (Spring Hill Records/CMD1023): I Won't Look At The Lions; Live Right, Die Right; Nothing More; Jesus' Love Has Made A Change; Why Not; He Is There; When God Says Go; Crown Him King; I Can, I Have, I Will; Once And For All; Common Little Things; No Army Big Enough; Anthem Of The Ages; Alleluia

2002 Walk On Water Kind Of Day (Spring Hill Records/CMD1035): Walk On Water Kind Of Day; So Much Singing To Do; All The King's Men; Great And Awesome God; Walkin' In The Will; The Time That Remains; Look Up; Who, What, When, Where And How; Looking At You; See Old Glory Fly; Prayin' For Deliverance

2004 This I Know (Spring Hill Records/CMD1063): Oh My My; Only Because You Love; It Looks Like Love To Me; Unscarred; That's The Kind Of God He Is; No Back Roads; This I Know; You Are My Riches In Glory; The Long Arm Of Love; Don't Pass By

2007 A Beautiful Thing (Big Ten House Of Music): 70x7; On My Way To Heaven; That's All; A Beautiful Thing; Took It All Away; Greatest Love; Hallelujah Side; When I Hear The Thunder; Wherever You Are; Surrendering; Thank God I'm Not Jesus

2007 The Road To Forgiveness (Big Ten House Of Music); You Let The Light Back In; Off The Beaten Path; I Will Follow You; Oh Death; When I Think Of Love; The Road To Forgiveness; When Love Comes Knocking; I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now; He Whispers Sweet Peace To Me; Jesus Loves Me.

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