Group Members

(Partial List)

Scott Flener (1993-2016)

Boyce Flener (1993-2016)

James Wright (1993-2001)
Darren Lawrence (2001-2016)

Jason Brooks (1993-2001)
Mark Mudd (2001-2016)

Russ Funk (1993-1998)

Crossmen Quartet (1993-2016)


1997 Thoughts Of Him (Sonlite Records/28772): Iím Running Up The Hill; Iíd Rather Be Praising; He Is The Son; He Made My Empty Heart A Home; Led By A Cloud; Someday We Know; He Gave Me The Well; He Wouldnít Let Go; Until You Find The Lord; Iím On My Way. (Boyce Flener, Scott Flener, James Wright, Jason Brooks, Russ Funk).

1999 Final Destination (Family Music Group): You Are The One; Too Much Mercy; Between The Lines; I Know It Was The Lord; One Death Was Enough; Keep Your Eyes On The Prize; The Potter's Clay; That's Why I Love Him So; Master Of Grace; I Was There. (Boyce Flener, Scott Flener, James Wright, Jason Brooks).

2002 He Is Leading (Zion Music Group): He Is Leading; Won't That Be Glory; In The Fold; When I Cross Over Jordan; Mercy Moved In; The Redeemed Are Coming Home; Come Along And Join Me; That's Where There's Forgiveness; The Old Landmark; I Will Rise Up From The Grave. (Boyce Flener, Scott Flener, Darren Lawrence, Mark Mudd).

2004 Moviní Ahead (Zion Music Group/296): I Believe In The Old Time Way; Heaven Will Be Mine Some Day?; Iíll Not Turn Back; Thank God For The Blood; Iím Moviní Ahead; If You Know The Lord; Youíve Gotta Believe To See; When I Come To The End Of The Road; Iíll Have A New Life; Washed In The Blood. (Boyce Flener, Scott Flener, Darren Lawrence, Mark Mudd).

2007 Home (Zion Music Group): Will The Lord Be With Me; How Big Is God; Gonna Shout Hallelujah; Home; He Is Mine And I Am His; Traveling Home; Thinking Of A Mansion; Over There; When My Feet Touch The Streets Of Gold; Until I Start Looking Ahead. (Boyce Flener, Scott Flener, Darren Lawrence, Mark Mudd).

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