Group Members


Mike Harless (????-????)
Ray Scarborough (2005-2006)
Andrew Young (2006)
Jonathan Kunkle (2006-2007)
Dallas Rogers (2008)
Matt Felts (2008-2009)
Marcus Faulknor (2009-2011)
Tim Owens (2011-2012)

Allen Leath (2003-2007, 2010-2012) (also sang baritone)
Davis McCammon (2007-2010)

Tommy Smith (????-2007)
Allen Leath (2007-2010) (switched to lead)
Bob Jenkins (2010-2012)

Justin Terry (2006-2012)

Andy Stringfield (2006-2007)
Josh Jenkins (????-????)

David Hoskins (????-????)

Cross 4 Crowns (2003-2012)

Cross 4 Crowns was a group from Mascot, TN that started as a trio named I.O.U. in 2003. They mostly traveled locally and regionally for the first two years, then set their sights on expanding beginning in 2005. They became a quartet in 2006 with the addition of bass singer Justin Terry, and soon changed their name to Cross 4 Crowns citing wanting to avoid potential trademark infringement as they moved towards a more national travel radius.

The member list for Cross 4 Crowns featured several names recognizable in other groups across the industry either before or since their time with the group, including Andy Stringfield (Kingdom Heirs), Dallas Rogers (Journeymen, Dixie Echoes, Inspirations), and Matt Felts (Dixie Melody Boys, Lesters).

Cross 4 Crowns concluded touring in 2012.


2003 The Beginning (Released as I.O.U.) (Custom Records): Loving God, Loving Each Other; In That Great Gettin' Up Morning; The King Came Down; God's Hall of Fame; Put Off The Old Man; I'll Worship Only At the Feet of Jesus; He Is Mine; My Redeemer Liveth; Farther Along; Going Home; Walk on the Water.

???? You Get Changed (Released as I.O.U.) (Custom Records): I Believe Something Good is Gonna Happen; You Get Changed; He's My Song; If You Were On Trial; That's What Jesus Died For; Under The Blood; When I Look At The Cross; Bearing The Image; House Of Gold; Saved.

2006 Our Favorites (Custom Records): Now I Am On My Way To Heaven; Stand Upon The Rock Of Ages; One More Time Will Do It; Good News From The Graveyard; Try Jesus; He'd Still Been God; He's All I Need; I'm Not Giving Up; Sing, Shout, Dance; They Should Have Cried Holy (Andrew Young, Allen Leath, Tommy Smith, Justin Terry).

2008 Turning Point (Crossroads Records/9090220): I Will Trade The Old Cross For A Crown; Things That Iím Seeing; Greater Miracle; Iím Going There; Heíll Never Forsake; Iíll See You Home; Tell Me Who; Whenever Wherever Whatever; Take A Little Look; Celebrating Resurrection Morning; Hallelujah For The Cross (Dallas Rogers, Davis McCammon, Allen Leath, Justin Terry).

2009 It Just Started For Me (Crossroads Records): What A Wonderful Time; The First And Last; The Blood Remains; Keep Living For Jesus; It Just Started For Me; Under Control; Thinking More Of Heaven; Come To The River; We Are Almost Home; He Could Have Called Ten Thousand Angels; There's Only One Well (Marcus Faulknor, Davis McCammon, Allen Leath, Justin Terry).

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