Crabb Revival (2008)

Group Members

Adam Crabb/vocals/harmonica (2007-2011)
Terah Penhollow/vocals (2007-2009)
Zach Smith/vocals/guitar (2007-2011)
Micah Schweinsberg/drums (2007-2010)
Jedidiah Richardson/bass and acoustic guitar (2007-2011)
Amanda Smith/vocals (2007-2011)

Crabb Revival (2007-2011)


Crabb Revival formed in 2007 after the retirement of the Crabb Family. Siblings Adam Crabb and Terah Penhollow were joined in the new group by former Crabb Family band members Zach Smith and Micah Schweinsberg. The group is completed by Amanda Smith on vocals and Jedidiah Richardson on guitars.

Their debut CD titled Runaway Train was released in 2008 on the Daywind Records label.


2008 Runaway Train (Daywind Records/DAY-1593D): Runaway Train; The Journey; Rescue Me; Power Of One; Best Friends; Both Sides Of The River; Smiling Down On Me; You Amaze Me; Carry On; Only A Man; Ornament Of Grace. (Adam Crabb, Terah Penhollow, Zach Smith, Micah Schweinsberg, Jedidiah Richardson).

2009 Live At Oak Tree (Daywind Records/DAY-1633): Runaway Train; Both Sides Of The River; I Go To The Rock; Only A Man; Medley: The Reason That I'm Standing/That's No Mountain/Something Going On In The Graveyard; He Spoke To Me; Here I Am To Worship; Please Forgive Me; Carried To The Table; You Amaze Me; Friend Of God (Adam Crabb, Terah Penhollow, Zach Smith, Amanda Smith, Micah Schweinsberg, Jedidiah Richardson).

2011 Going Places (Daywind Records): Help Me Help Someone; God's Up To Something; Unforgiven; Come To Jesus; He's Going Places; The Crossing; Gonna Have A Good Time Tonight; Heartbeat Of God; If Not For Grace; Try Walking On The Water. (Adam Crabb, Amanda Smith, Zach Smith, Jedidiah Richardson).

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