Charlotte Ritchie

Also credited as Charlotte Penhollow


Charlotte Ritchie sang with the Nelons from 1991-1992 and again from 1994-1996. She also sang with Jeff And Sheri Easter and has appeared on several of the Gaither Homecoming Series videos. She is the wife of drummer Greg Ritchie.

Solo Discography

1999 Charlotte Ritchie: Bring My Children Home; Call Out My Name; Been Through Enough; One Touch Sufficient; Amazing Grace; River Of Love; That's Enough; No More Tears; Walk Right Out Of This Valley; The Only Life For Me.

2001 Go Rest High: Come To The River; Give Them All To Jesus; Go Rest High; The Promise; Old Time Religion; You Can Lean On Me; Holy Ground; I'm Satisfied; Right Place, Right Time; Look For Me.

2004 Closer (RSI Records): Boomerang; Leaning On The Rock That Never Rolls; You Are With Me; I Am Holding You; If These Walls Could Speak; Back To Trust; Good To Me; Draw Me Closer; Lord Of All; You Could Hardly Recognize Me.

2008 Bridges Over Blue (RSI Records/031808CD): I'm Gonna Take That Mountain; In Everything Give Thanks; No One Knows My Heart Better Than You; You Are Here With Me; Bridges Over Blue; My Fathers Angels; I've Got Joy; Nothing Keeps You From His Love; What Love Has Grown; Sometimes I Picture God That Way.

2011 Windows In The World (Custom Records): Little Bit Of Morning Outside; New Again; Tell It Like It Is; After The Last Tear Falls; Walk Right Out Of This Valley; Before The Sun Goes Down; So Good; Windows In The World; Consider The Lilies; Lead Them To Jesus; Song About Heaven; Even Greater; Heaven Hear My Prayer.

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