Group Members

(Partial List)

J B Sink (????-????)
Kyle Taylor (????-????)
Mike Jamerson (????-????)

Jay Sink (????-????)
Gerald McKinney (????-????)

Richard Coltrane (????-????)
Tim Surrett (1982-????)

Harvey Horner (????-????)
Bob Thacker (????-????)
Jerry Jamerson (????-????)

Marvin Coley (????-????)
Daniel Andreotta (????-????)

Carolinians Quartet (????-????)


The Carolinians Quartet originated from High Point, North Carolina in the early 1950's.


1982 Uptown Gospel (Harvest Records/HAR-1002): I Love My Jesus; He's My Strength; When He Calls Me I'll Fly Away; My Home Sweet Home; I Am The Reason; In The By And By; God Will Take Care Of You (this is actually a medley combining I've Never Been Out Of His Care with the chorus of God Will Take Care Of You); Oh When I Meet You; God Is Missing A Child; I Was There When The Spirit Came.

1982 Down Home (Harvest Records/HAR1002): I'm Going Home; Land Of Brightest Day; I'll Sing Redeemed; Headed For The Promised Land; He Still Can; God's In Control; Some Of These Days; Miracles Will Happen On That Day; I Shall See This Man; My Claim Of Thee. (Mike Jamerson, Jerry Jamerson, Gerald McKinney, Daniel Andreotta, Tim Surrett).

1985 Distinctively Different (Morningstar Records/MST-4053): Can You Imagine; I'll Soon Be Leaving; That Land So Bright; Good News; I'll Meet You In The Air; I Get Excited; Old Fashioned Love; Come And Dine; If He Comes Today; The Cross Medley.

???? Steal Away And Pray (Sing Records/LP-1001): I Just Steal Away; What A Precious Friend Is He; The Rainbow Of Love; Get Right, Stay Right; When He Reached; His Eye Is On The Sparrow; I Can Tell You The Time; Remember Me; Steal Away; Something Within Me; Love, Like The Love Of God; Rock Of Ages Hide Thou Me (Kyle Taylor, Jay Sink, Richard Coltrane, Bob Thacker, Marvin Coley).
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