"Bells Of Joy Keep Ringing" (Mosie Lister/Wally Varner)

Sometimes listed as "Bells Of Joy" or "Bell Of Joy Keep Ringing"

  • Blackwood Brothers (1961 On Tour; 1974 On Tour; 2005 Radio Shows of the 30s, 40s, and 50s)
  • David Reece (1961 Music For Meditation)
  • Jeff Stice (2007 In The Shadow Of Virtuosity; 2011 Me And A Piano)
  • Various Artists (1963 Lloyd Orrell Presents The Second Northern States Quartet Convention Featuring)
  • Wally Varner (1963 Gospel Moods That Thrill; 2007 SGMA Hall Of Fame Legends Volume Three)
  • Weatherfords (1973 Listen For The Sound Of The Weatherford Quartet)

For the Eddie Dietz song, see Bells Of Joy

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