Acuff Rose Music

Also called Acuff-Rose Music, Acuff Rose Publishing, and Acuff-Rose Publishing


Acuff Rose Music was founded by country music performer Roy Acuff and Fred Rose. Though primarily associated with publishing country music songs, the company did occasionally publish Southern Gospel songs.

In 1985, the company was sold to the Gaylord Entertainment Company, the owner of the Grand Ole Opry. They in turn sold the company to Sony ATV Music in 2002.

Published Songs

(Partial List)

Born Again
Everything's Alright
I Know What You Are Talking About
Mama's Angels
Plan Of Salvation
The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor
Walking My Lord Up Calvary's Hill
Weapon Of Prayer
You'll Be Rewarded Over There

NOTE: The Fred Rose mentioned in this article is not the same Fred Rose that is associated with Southern Gospel music and for which this site has an article.

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