Group Members

Willie Wynn (1975-1979)

Elmer Cole (????-????)
Glen Bates (????-????)

Dave Harvel (????-????)
Virgil Wilson (????-????)

Dave Maddox (????-????)
Hovie Walker (????-????)
Ray Burdett (????-????)

Randy McDaniel (????-????)
Michael Sykes (????-????)

Bass Guitar
Ken Carter (????-????)

Goldie Ashton (????-????)

Position Unknown
Ronnie Hutchins

Willie Wynn And The Tennesseans (1975-1979)


1975 Presenting... (Heartwarming Records/R3374): He's So Good To Me; What You've Done For Me; Sure Of It All; I'm The Lamb; Scars In The Hands Of Jesus; Something I Can Feel; My Soul Has Been Set Free; What A Day; Heart To Heart; My Friends; Something Special About Going Home (Willie Wynn, Elmer Cole, Dave Harvel, Dave Maddox).

1975 Ain't It Good News (QCA Records/LP320): I Believe Jesus; Good Old Gospel Singing; House Of Gold; What A Time; Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen; Ain't It Good News; That's Just Like Jesus; I'm Gonna Rise With A Shout; Glory Road; Talk About The Good Times.

1975 Let's Do What We Can For The Man (QCA Records/LP321): Light At The End Of The Darkness; Ain't That What It's All About; All For Me; Let's Do What We Can For The Man; Let's Just Praise The Lord; You Won't Know When He Comes; Didn't He Shine; Something I Can Feel; Why Me Lord; Down By The Riverside (Willie Wynn, Virgil Wilson, Glen Bates, Dave Maddox, Randy McDaniel, Ken Carter, Goldie Ashton).

1977 I Am A Seeker (Heartwarming Records/R3416): The Seeker; The Price Of Love; Won't It Be Worth It My Child; I'm Never Alone; Learning To Lean; Wonder If The Angels Could Use Another Singer; He Was There All The Time; I Believe It All; He's Precious To Me; Help Me Lord.

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