Virgil O Stamps (1892 - 1940)


Virgil O Stamps (often referred to by his initials, "V O") began his tenure with the Vaughan Music Company in 1915. In 1924, Stamps left Vaughan and formed the V O Stamps School Of Music in Texas. He merged the company with J R Baxter in 1926, forming the Stamps-Baxter Music and Printing Company.

In addition to publishing, V O sang with the group that bore his name, the V O Stamps Quartet. Sometimes they were simply billed as the Stamps Quartet. By that point, Frank Stamp's group was billed as the Frank Stamps All Star Quartet to distinguish between the two groups. On some occasions, V O would send another singer out with the Stamps to fill the bass position.

By the late 1930s, V O's group was called the Original Stamps Quartet. During the 1930s, many groups became traveling salesmen representing the Stamp-Baxter Music and Printing Company.

In July of 1940, a Stamps-Baxter photo album showed eleven affiliated groups using variations of the Stamps or Baxter names, along with the radio station call letters and city in which each group was based. V O's group was listed as the Original Stamps Quartet, based at KRLD radio in Dallas, Texas.

Before 1940 was over, V O Stamps passed away. After V O's death, his brother Frank Stamps assumed his duties at the publishing company.


GMA Hall Of Fame (1973)
SGMA Hall Of Fame (1997)

Songwriter's Résumé

(Partial List)

He Bore It All
He Will Be With Me
I Could Never Tell You
I'll Be Somewhere Listening
I Would Not Miss It Would You
Is It Well With Your Soul
Love Is The Key
O Lord Hear My Prayer
Right Will Win
Won't We Be Happy

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