"Saints Will Rise" (Conrad Cook/Kingsmen Publishing Company/BMI)

  • Anthony Burger (1984 Plays The Greatest Hits Of The Kingsmen)
  • Gold City (1983 Higher Than The Moon)
  • Kingsmen Quartet (1983 Live at the University of Alabama; 1990 Favorites; 1992 Masters Of Gospel; 1993 Kingsmen: Live Across America; 1996 40th Anniversary Reunion: Perfecting The Crown; 1998 The Kingsmen Collection; 2000 Through The Years With The Kingsmen; 2002 Honoring The Heritage Volume 1; 2004 The Kingsmen: All Time Favorites; 2010 Live! Performances From The National Quartet Convention; 2020 40th Anniversary Reunion: Live, Expanded, Remixed And Remastered)
  • Land Of The Sky Boys (2007 Featuring Their Smiling Bass Jody Medford)
  • Soul'd Out Quartet (2004 Walking Worthy)
  • Woodsmen (???? Through The Years)
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