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R.Rosie Rozell And The Searchers

Group Members

Pat Payton (1963-1970)

Rosie Rozell (1970-1975)

Betty Hudson (1963-1966)
Betty Rozell (1966-1975)

John Payton (1963-1970)
Jack Toney (1970)
Woody Beatty (1970-1975)

Glenn LeCroy (1963-1970)
John Payton (1970)
Jim Boatman (1970-1972)
Gerald Williams (1972)
Joel Duncan (1972-1975)

Mildred LeCroy (1963-1970)
Mitch Humphries (????-????)
Tommy Williams (????-????)
Randy Lowery (????-????)

Sandra Davenport (1969-1970) (also vocals)
Ronnie Spahn (????-????)

Gary Schaeffer (1970-????)

Rosie Rozell And The Searchers (1963-1975)


The Soul Searchers hailed from Marietta, Georgia, beginning in 1963 on a part time basis. The group consisted of Glenn LeCroy, Mildred LeCroy, her sister Betty Hudson (later Betty Rozell), Pat Payton and John Payton. From 1963 through 1970, the group went by multiple names, which consisted of "The Soul Searchers, "The Searchers Quartet", and "The Searchers."

In early 1970's the Soul Searchers went full time and it was soon there after that Rosie Rozell joined the group after leaving the Statesmen Quartet. The group then changed their name to "Rosie Rozell and The Searchers." After Rosie Rozell joined the group Jack Toney, Woody Beatty, Gerald Williams, and Joel Duncan all sang with the Searchers. The Searchers disbanded in 1975 as Rosie Rozell had decided to return to the Statesmen Quartet.

Discography (Before Rosie Rozell)

1965 World Wide Presents The Soul Searchers (World Wide Records/WW-1041): The Lord Accepted Me; Greater Love Hath No Man; On That Judgement Day; Thank God I'm Reborn; Living By Faith; I Know He'll Keep A Walkin; Somebody Loves Me; I'll Never Be Lonely In Heaven; I Want To Get Closer; If You Drink This Water; Won't It Be Glory There; The Christian Way (Glenn LeCroy, Mildred LeCroy, Betty Hudson, Pat Payton, John Payton).

1966 Break Thru (World Wide Records/WW-1042):

1967 Sing For You (Songs Of Sharon Records/SLPS-1005): Jesus Loves Me; No One Ever Cared; Stay Near Me; Reunion In Heaven; Had It Not Been; Jesus, I Believe; Jesus Is Coming Soon; Sweet, Sweet Spirit; This Great Love Of Jesus; Marvelous Grace; The Lord Accepted Me.

1968 Sing Convention Style (Songs Of Sharon Records/SLPS-1007): Singing; Ole Brother Jonah; Prepare Me Lord; Hiding From The Storm Outside; What A Great Singing; Let Us Lift Up Our Eyes; Stormy Day; What A Great Song; Gloryland Special; O What A Friend; My Home In Heaven; Rock Of Ages; Closer To Thee (Mildred LeCroy, John Payton, Sandra Davenport, Glenn LeCroy, Betty Rozell).

1969 The Soul Searchers (Scripture Records/LP-131): Pray, Pray, Pray; A Brand New Feeling; There's No Telling; Trying To Get A Glimpse; In The Name Of The Lord; Lord Teach Me Thy Way; Stay Near Me; Hands; I See Jesus In Gloryland; Till I Know; I Wanna Be Ready; I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now (Betty Hudson (Rozell), Nelson LeCroy, John Payton, Pat Payton).

Discography (With Rosie Rozell)

1970 Sweet, Sweet Spirit (Songs Of Sharon Records/SLPS-1005): Jesus Loves Me; No One Ever Cared; Stay Near Me; Reunion In Heaven; Had It Not Been; Jesus, I Believe; Jesus Is Coming Soon; Sweet, Sweet Spirit; This Great Love Of Jesus; Marvelous Grace; The Lord Accepted Me (Rosie Rozell, Betty Rozell, Sandra Davenport, John Payton) (While Rosie Rozell is listed on the album cover, he does not sing on this recording. This album is the same as the 1967 Sing For You on Songs Of Sharon Records/SLPS-1005).

1970 Rosie Rozell And The Searchers (Victory Records/ZLP-787): We'll Talk It Over; A Crown Of Thorns; That's Why I Sing; The Book Of Life; No One Understands Like Jesus; He'll Pick Up The Pieces; I Know Who Holds Tomorrow; My God Is There; At The Corner Of Glory Avenue; Longing And Waiting (Rosie Rozell, Nelson LeCroy, John Payton, Betty Rozell, Mildred LeCroy, Sandra Davenport).

1971 I've Got It (Calvary Records/STAV 5048): I've Got It; He Died For Me That I Might Live Again; That Day Is Almost Here; I Will Serve Thee; When Morning Sweeps The Eastern Sky; What A Happy Day; Only Jesus Knows; It Won't Be Long; The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference; Somebody Loves Me (Rosie Rozell, Betty Rozell, Woody Beatty, Jim Boatman, Randy Lowery, Ronnie Spahn).

1972 Ovation (Calvary Records/STAV 5076): Searching; The Lighthouse; City Of Gold; How Great Thou Art; High And Holy Way; Then I Met Jesus; Amazing Grace; I Need You; There's Something About That Name; Come To Jesus (Rosie Rozell, Betty Rozell, Woody Beatty, Gerald Williams, Randy Lowery, Ronnie Spahn).

1973 What A Saviour (Sunny Delta Records/LP-106214): When God Dips His Love; The Great Triumphant Morning; Hide Thou Me; By And By; Oh, What A Savior; Surely I Will Lord; I Know; Home On The Banks Of The River; The Prettiest Flowers; If We Never Meet Again.

1974 Jesus Loves Me (QCA Records/1301): Jesus Loves Me; Near The Cross; The Eastern Gate; This Is What Heaven Means To Me; I'm So Glad He Found Me; Happy Feelings; Sweet Hour Of Prayer; In The Garden; When They Ring Those Golden Bells; Just A Closer Walk With Thee.
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