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R.Roger McDuff

Roger McDuff (???? - March 2, 2017)


Roger McDuff performed with JD Sumner And The Stamps Quartet, the Inspirationals and the McDuff Brothers.

Solo Discography

1968 Sincerely Yours (House Of McDuff Productions/HMS 704): What Am I Doing In This Place; Have You Had A Gethsemane; He Touched Me; Jesus Is Coming Soon; Millions Dying; There'll Always Be Tomorrow; Satisfied Mind; Lord Don't Let Me Fail You; He Washed My Eyes With Tears; Oh, Happy Day; Sweet Spirit; I'll Meet You In The Morning.

1972 Country (House Of McDuff Productions/HMS 708): I Won't Have To Worry; Jesus Will Outshine Them All; I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You; Come Along With Me; Hymn From Back Home; He's More Than Just A Swear Word; Didn't He Shine; Lord You'll Hold My Hand; I Still Want To Serve Him; The Wonders You Perform.

1973 My Tribute (House Of McDuff Productions/HMS 709): For These Tears; It Won't Be Long; The Lighthouse; Because He Lives; My Tribute (To God Be The Glory); Welcome Back; Tears Are A Language; Through It All; I Should Have Been Crucified; God Only Knows.

1976 Roger McDuff (Tempo Records/R-7155): One Day At A Time; Whisper Jesus; Shattered Dreams; Jesus Will Be What Makes It Heaven For Me; New Shoes; I Believe Jesus; Come On Down; What A Beautiful Day For The Lord To Come Again; Tears Will Never Stain The Streets Of That City; When I Sing For Him.

1978 Portrait (Tempo Records/R-2402): I Call Him Lord; Rejoice Rejoice; Until You've Walked With God; More Of You; He Was There All The Time; Rise Again; Earth, Our Island Home; We Are Blest; Holy Spirit, Flow Through Me; When You Pray, Pray For America.
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