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Kurt Young (1987-1989; 1990-)
Terry Edwards (1989-1990)

Scott Crawley (1987-1990) (switched to baritone)
Dale Forbes (1990-1991)
David Staton (1992-1995)

Brian Yandell (1987-1990)
Scott Crawley (1990-1995) (switched from lead)

Brian Rose (1987-1995)

Priority (1987-1995) (Also see LeFevre Quartet)



1990 Wake Up Church (Homeland Records/7015111217): More Than Just A Memory; Go Back To The Cross; Not Guilty; Wake Up Church; Sing Angels Sing; My Lord Reached Down; That Story That Never Grows Old; That Same Blood; The Cross Anchors My Soul; Stay On Board (Terry Edwards, Dale Forbes, Scott Crawley, Brian Rose).

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Page last modified on July 07, 2019, at 10:25 AM EST