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L to R; Katie, Kris, Kody, Keith

Group Members

Keith Erwin (2000-Present)
Kody Erwin (2000-Present)
Kris Erwin (2000-Present)
Katie Erwin (2013-Present)
Dennis Erwin (????-????)

The Erwins (2000-Present)


Singing News Fan Awards
(2015 New Mixed Group)


2000 Swing Wide The Gates (Custom): God's Little People; Living Water; Thank You Lord; Here's My Basket; A Love That Won't Stop; Heaven Will Be Mine Someday; Faith As A Little Seed; He's Still Working On Me; Swing Wide The Gates; O What A Savior. (Keith, Kris, Kody).

2002 I Believe (Custom): The Blessed Old Book; I Believe; I'll Not Turn My Back On Him Now; The Right Side Of Calvary; Just One More Soul; This One Thing I Know; He's Still Waiting By The Well; He Loves Me; Like I Was His Only Child; There Is A Call. (Kody, Keith, Kris).

2004 He Is To Me (Custom): He Is To Me; The Old Stuff; Send The Rain; Swing Wide The Gates; Three Men On A Mountain; Just Ask; Once And For All; At The Cross; I'll Never Get To Old To Pray; Highway To Heaven; If I Be Lifted Up; What A Day. (Keith, Kody, Kris).

2006 I Have No Doubt (Custom): Home; No Stranger To Grace; Wonder Of Wonders; I Can't Quit; He Saw It All; We're Not Home Yet Children; Please Don't Tell My Daddy; God Don't Remember That; Grace For Grace; I Have No Doubt; With Jesus On My Side. (Dennis, Keith, Kody, Kris).

2007 The Winning Side (Custom): I Go On Faith; He Gave Me Water; I Have Not Forgotten; Patching It Up; The Winning Side; I'm A Winner Either Way; I Will Praise Him; Between Me And The Storm; I'm Not Ashamed; My Home. (Kody, Dennis, Keith, Kris).

2008 Field Of Grace (Custom): No Introduction; Field Of Grace; Never Seen It On This Fashion; Changed Forever; Stand By Me; I'll Take The Old Highway; I Love You Lord; His Life For Mine; Do You Know How It Feels; The Broken Ones; Who Do You Know. (Kris, Kody, Katie, Dennis, Keith).

2009 Revival (Custom): We Need Revival; My Rock; I Have Been Blessed; Stand Still; I Made It By Grace; Here's My Basket; Thank God For Grace; The Cup; If Not For Grace; Little Feet; Be Not Afraid; My Jesus I Love Thee; Across The Miles. (Kris, Kody, Katie, Dennis, Keith).

2011 What Really Matters (Custom): What Really Matters; Give Him The Glory; Look What God Has Done; The Shepherd's Call; I Take Him Back; Three Men On A Mountain; Did I Mention; I Have No Doubt; When God Has Another Plan; Mercy Walked In. (Kody, Keith, Kris).

2011 Jesus In A Song (Custom): Lord You've Been So Good To Me; I'll Never Walk Away; Stand By The River; First Hand Believer; I'm Gonna Move; He's Taking Care Of Me; Jesus In A Song; I'm Blessed; I'll Go With God; Old Rugged Cross. (Kris, Katie, Keith, Kody).

2012 God's Already There (Custom): It Was His Love; I Just Want To Please The Lord; Nobody Like Jesus; God's Already There; Matter Of Time; All I Need To Know; We'll Soon Be Done With Troubles And Trials; Counting Sheep; Come See The Man; Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me. (Kody, Katie, Keith, Kris).

2013 Back To The Basics (Custom): Basics Of Life; Every Question Will Be Answered; Plan Of Salvation; Send Me; He Didn't Have The Heart; That Very Moment; For What Earthly Reason; In Good Hands; When Justice Called Mercy Answered; Heaven's Jubilee. (Keith, Katie, Kris, Kody).

2015 Ready To Sail (Stow Town Records): Ready To Sail; Greater; Believe Him; Well Done; Calvary's One Spotless Lamb; Isn't He God; The Burden Of Loving Me; I Choose To Be A Christian; Will You Go; Power In Prayer; Take Him At His Word; You Are Welcome Here. (Kris, Keith, Katie, Kody).

2018 Watch & See (Stow Town Records): After The Storm; Glorious Amazing God; A Million Storms; Hallelujahs Never End; In The House Of The Lord; Like I'm On The Shore; The Power Of An Empty Tomb; The Right Thing To Do; Watch And See.

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