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Erman Slater (February 2, 1903 - January 12, 1951)


Erman Slater was a native of DeKalb County, Alabama. He sang in the Jolley Family Quartet which was organized by members of his wife's family. Slater helped organize the Sand Mountain Quartet with which he sang baritone at several periods during his career. He also sang with the Friendly Five Quartet, the Lacey Family Quartet, the Stamps Dixie Four, and the Lone Star Quartet. He joined the Harmoneers in Knoxville in 1946 to sing baritone. After the Harmoneers, he sang with the Radioaires Quartet. In 1949 Slater joined the Rangers Quartet and sang baritone with them until an automobile accident involving the quartet took his life. The Statesmen and the All American Quartet sang at his funeral.


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Page last modified on July 30, 2012, at 07:57 PM EST