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D.Daryl Williams Trio

Daryl Williams Trio (1994-2008)


1995 In The Beginning (Homeland Records/HC9520): Holy Is The Lord; Whatever; Another Door; When I Lay My Burdens Down; The Living Word; Yea And Amen; I Will Glory In You, Lord; Out Of This World; He Shall Return; Jesus; What A Wonderful Lord (Daryl Williams, Karen Williams, Mark Hall).

1997 Mountain, Get Out Of My Way (Centergy Records/CNTD9605): Yet While I Was In My Sin; Mountain, Get Out Of My Way; Carry The Glorious Gospel; Jesus Is Holding My Hand; Campmeeting Fire; Rivers Of Living Water; More Than Just A Song; Jesus We Exalt You; I'm In The Army Of The Lord; Let's Say Our Prayers (Daryl Williams, Karen Williams, Mark Hall).

1998 Souvenirs (Centergy Records/CNTD9703): Jesus, I Need You; Typical Day; Singing With The Saints; What A Day That Will Be; Promises One By One; Nobody's There; I Can't Even Walk (Without You Holding My Hand); I Have A Heavenly Father; Leave It There; Built On Amazing Grace (Daryl Williams, Karen Williams).

2002 Enjoy! (Custom Records): Rejoice In The Lord; I've Come Too Far To Look Back; It's Time To Dance; I Got Blessed; I Have Never Walked Alone; Father's House; It's Still True; There's No Defeat; I Know The Lord Is Good; Freedom Band; The First Time I Heard About Heaven (Daryl Williams, Karen Williams, Shannon Knight).

2005 Music In The Air (Sonlite Records/SL30592): Somebody Left The Door Open; All I Ever Need; We Have The Cross; Old Fashioned Altar Call; He Got Up From The Grave; When He Takes His Turn; The Mercy Of The Blood; Too Late For Lazarus; One Holy Morning; Wonders Never Cease; Turn Your Radio On (Daryl Williams, Karen Williams, Aaron Rich).

2007 Marching (Sonlite Records/SL30812): When The Saints; I've Come Here To Tell You; Between Two Thieves; A Homesick Angel; That's Why We Cry Holy; Ready For Wings; When God Has Another Plan; I Don't Sail Alone; Why Trouble The Master; His Hand On Me (Daryl Williams, Karen Williams, Shannon Knight).

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