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Ron Booth (1974-197?)

Jimmy Pearson (1974-197?)

Lee Kitchens (1974-197?)

John Gresham (1974-197?)

Morris Willis (197?-197?)
Randy McDaniel (197?-197?)

Bass Guitar
Tommy Watwood (197?-197?)

Goldie Ashton (197?-197?)

Americans (1974-197?)


Bass singer John Gresham left the Thrasher Brothers to form The Americans in the mid-1970s. Joining Gresham initially were former Rebels tenor singer Ron Booth, future Diplomats owner/manager Jimmy Pearson singing lead, and veteran Rebels founder and former Melody Masters member Lee Kitchens singing baritone. The group was short-lived, recording only one album. Gresham and three of the group's band members who were also formerly with the Thrasher Brothers (Randy McDaniel, Tommy Watwood, and Goldie Ashton) all eventually returned to the Thrasher Brothers.


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Page last modified on January 29, 2019, at 06:45 PM EST