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Naomi & The Segos, 2010

Group Members

James Sego (1941-1979)
Lamar Sego (1941-1967)
W R Sego (1946-1979)
Charlie Norris Jr (194?-194?)
Naomi Sego Reader (1958-201?) (also filled in prior to 1958)
Conley Parris (194?-19??)
Jake Robinson (197?-19??)
James Freeze (197?-19??)
Jerry Gill (1979-????, 2008-????)
Mo Ostrander (1979-????)
Scott Spangler (????-????, 2008-????)
Vern Reader (????-????)
Joey Gore (1983-1986) (also played piano)
Dean Hewett (1980-1986) (also played piano)
John Lanier (????-????)
David Hawkins? (1991-19??) (also a musician)
Aaron Crisler (????-????)
Mark Stapleton (2003-20??)
Kasey Kemp (????-2008)
Judson Horner (????-2008)
Jerry Mullaly (????-????)
Danny Ray Bartlett (????-????)
Nathan Widener (????-????)
William Pippin (????-????)

Mrs. Charlie Norris Jr (194?-194?)
Clarence Felty (194?-19??)
Dean Hewett (1980-1983) (also sang lead)
Joey Gore (1983-1986) (also sang baritone)
Bryant Thigpen (2009-2010)

Ronnie Sego (????-????)

Bass Guitar
Wesley Proffitt (1983-1985)
Rick Francis (????-????)

Harmony Kings, circa 1947 (Clarence Felty-piano, Lamar Sego-baritone, James Sego-1st tenor/manager, W R Sego-2nd tenor, Conley Parris-bass)

Sego Brothers & Naomi, 1978

Sego Family, Harmony Kings, Sego Brothers, Sego Brothers And Naomi, and Naomi And The Segos (1941-2012?)

James Sego began singing as a young teenager with his brother and sister, Lamar and Blondean, in 1941. They were billed as the Sego Family and appeared on WMGA radio in Moultrie, Georgia. By 1946, James and his brothers, W R and Lamar, had started a quartet they called the Harmony Kings. They were heard coast to coast on the Mutual Radio Network. Conley Parris was their bass singer.

James met Naomi Easters of Enigma, Georgia in 1948. They were married the following year, and from that point, Naomi began to occasionally sing with the quartet, now billed as the Sego Brothers. The group name was updated to Sego Brothers And Naomi in 1958 when Naomi joined the group as a permanent member. James and Naomi had two children, Carlton and Ronnie. Ronnie eventually joined the group to play drums.

Two of the biggest hits for The Sego Brothers And Naomi were "I Want My Lord To Be Satisfied With Me" and "Sorry, I Never Knew You." It has been said the latter was gospel music's first million seller. (It is not officially recognized as a million seller by the Recording Industry Association of America).

Lamar Sego left the group to form the Lamar Sego Family in 1967.

James Sego passed away in 1979 while undergoing heart surgery, and W R left the group that same year. Naomi decided to continue traveling and singing. For several years, they continued to be billed as The Sego Brothers And Naomi. Naomi's son Ronnie was traveling with the group by this point playing drums. On one release in 1984, the group name was shortened to The Segos And Naomi. By 1990, the group name had been reversed to Naomi And The Segos.

In 2007, a farewell concert was held, and in 2008, a final studio recording was released titled Happy Ending. Later in 2008, there was some confusion over whether the group was actually retiring. Group members Kasey Kemp and Judson Horner left the group citing financial issues, while simultaneously filing for a trademark to bill themselves as The Segos. This effort was ultimately abandoned when Naomi announced she was not ready for retirement. She brought back former Segos tenor Jerry Gill and former baritone Scott Spangler in early July 2008. The group continued to travel and sing several more years with a few changes at the baritone position. Gill remained with Naomi until the group retired around 2012.


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