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Kevin Spencer And Friends (1992-Present) (Originally called Kevin Spencer Family)


In 1992 Kevin Spencer formed his own group called the The Kevin Spencer Family and formed a record company called Some Dawning Music Group. Later the name of the group was changed to Kevin Spencer And Friends.


Singing News Fan Awards
Horizon Group (1993)


1992 Some Dawning (Some Dawning Music Group): Some Dawning; I'm Laying Up Treasures; Striving; Working My Way Back To Calvary; It'll Be Worth It After All; We Could Never Do Too Much; I Heard About A Stone; I've Just Seen The Rock Of Ages; If You Ever Look For Me; The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn; I'll Meet You On The Other Side Of Jordan; Pass Me Not.

1993 Picture This (Some Dawning Music Group): Picture This; Lord Lead Me On; 50 Miles Of Elbow Room; Fallen Leaves; Out Loud; I Got Ahold Of God Today; Tender Mercy; I'm Homesick To Go; It Pays To Pray; Someone To Guide Me; I'll Not Be A Stranger; I'm Bound For The Land Of Canaan.

1994 Twelve Gates (Some Dawning Music Group).

1995 The Blood Is Still There (Homeland Records/9513): The Blood Is Still There; Family Circle; Letís Get Ready; Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven; Making Plans; Weíll Shake Hands; Keys To The Kingdom; Praying People; Iíll Go To Be With Jesus; Wounded Soldiers; Farther Down The Road; In My Robe Of White (Kevin & Tammy Spencer, Brian Monehan).

2000 See You In The Morning (Some Dawning Music Group): See You In The Morning; Heís Worthy Of Our Praise; Letís Feel That Spirit Again; Heavenbound; Everything Will Be Fine; You Can Make It; I Found The Lord; That City To Come; My Father; Hymns Medley.

2004 Come Away (Some Dawning Music Group): Come Away; Stand By Me; His Light Is Shining; It'll Take More Than The Grave; He's Crossed That Same River; Sounds Of That City; Out Loud; I Am The Water; When The Redeemed Are Gathering In; Come On Everybody Praise The Lord.

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