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V.Various 1970s

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Various Artists Discography 1970s


1972 Meet Me In Canaanland (Canaan Records/CAS-9717).

1972 The Dove Awards, 1971 (Canaan Records/CAS-9710): I Know (The Blue Ridge Quartet); I Find No Fault In Him (The Stamps Quartet); The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference (The Oak Ridge Boys); Build My Mansion Next Door To Jesus (The LeFeveres); He Touched Me (The Statesmen Quartet); Put Your Hand In The Hand (The Florida Boys); If That Isn't Love (The Rambos); The Night Before Easter (The Blackwood Brothers): The King Is Coming (The Speer Family); There's Just Something About That Name (The Bill Gaither Trio).


1973 Alleluia - A Praise Gathering For Believers (Impact Records/R3171): Welcome And Prayer; Let's Just Praise The Lord; There's Something About That Name; King Of Kings, Lord Of Lords; Bethlehem, Galilee, Gethsemane; God Gave The Song; Let's Just Praise The Lord; The Longer I Serve Him; The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference; I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary; Because He Lives; Something Beautiful; Let's Just Praise The Lord; Get All Excited; Because He Lives; Alleluia.

1973 Gospel í73 (Canaan Records CAS-9743).
1973 Gospel Music To Believe In: The Dove Awards 1972 (Canaan Records CAS-9732).

Gospel Music Associationís Top 10 Of 1974 (Canaan Records CAS-9759).

1974 The Great Quartets Vol. 2 (Gospel Time Records/5036): Heíll Understand And Say Well Done; Beyond The River; Drifting Too Far; Lead Me To The Altar; They Are Crossing One By One; Highway To Heaven; You Must Make Up Your Mind; How Great Thou Art; Will The Lord Be With Me; Itís Him.

1974 The Gordon Jensen Songbook (Impact Records/R3281): Henry And Hazel Slaughter - Don't Go To Heaven Alone; Doug Oldham - Redemption Draweth Nigh; Higher Ground - It's Still Real Today; Sammy Hill - Will You Be Among The Missing; Sego Bros. And Naomi - Jesus Will Outshine Them All; Larry Orrell - I Still Remember Things God Has Forgotten; The Downings - I've Got My Heart Set On Heaven; Wayne Hilton - A Song Holy Angels Cannot Sing; Danny Gaither - Tears Are A Language; Walt Mills - Come Into The Ark; Alvis And The Barnetts - It's Good To Be Home Again; The Blackwood Singers - Before He Calls Again; The Stamps Quartet - I Should Have Been Crucified; The Oak Ridge Boys - The Coming Of The Lord; The Orrells - There's Enough Of God's Love. (A collection of songs written by Gordon Jensen recorded by various artists).

1974 Elmo Mercer Songbook: Imperials - A Song Was Born; Jimmy Owens - The Way That He Loves; Jack Price - God Loves Me; Rambos - He Cared That Much For Me; Bill Gaither Trio - He Cared That Much For Me; Speer Family - Through An Empty Tomb; Downings - One More Time; Doug Oldham - Lonely Road Up Calvary's Hill; Ira Stanphill - Each Step I Take; Sego Brothers & Naomi - I Believe That He's Coming; Oak Ridge Boys - Nearer To Thee; Gospel Choir Nashville Style - Nailing My Sins To His Cross; Cathedral Quartet - Beyond Understanding

1976 Gospel Music Associationís Top Ten Of 1975 (Canaan Records CAS-9785).

1976 The Gospel According To Music (Canaan Records/CAS-9787): How Much More (The Happy Goodmans); At Calvary (Windy Johnson And The Messengers); One Day At A Time (Jimmy Davis); Come On Down (Florida Boys); No Measure Of Time (The Singing Christians); Statue Of Liberty (Cathedral Quartet); The First Million Years (The Inspirations); Over The Next Hill (The LeFevres); Oh What A Sunrise (Wendy Bagwell And The Sunliters); Master Of The Sea (Kingsmen); Just A Little Talk With Jesus (Reverend Cleavant Derricks And Family); You Can't Be A Beacon (Lewis Family); Thanks For Sunshine (Thrasher Brothers).

1977 Gospel Music Associationís Top Ten Songs Of 1976 (Canaan Records CAS-9802).

1978 Gospel Music Associationís Top Ten Songs Of 1977 (Canaan Records CAS-9824).

1978 Good Olí Gospel Music (Canaan Records CAS-9833).

1979 GMA 10th Anniversary Commemorative Album (Canaan Records CAS-9846).

1979 Gospel Music Association Top Ten Songs Of 1978 (Canaan Records CAS-9844): Born Again - Andrew Culverwell; Free - Cruse Family; He's Alive - Don Francisco; I Believe He's Coming Back - Happy Goodmans; I'm Standing On The Solid Rock - Florida Boys; Learning To Lean - John And Faith Stallings; Ordinary People Ė Danniebelle; Rise Again - Dallas Holm; The Sun's Coming Up Ė Nelons; Your Love Broke Through - Phil Keaggy.

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