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S.Sunday Drive

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Mullins, 1992

Group Members

Roger Mullins (????-????)
Cherie Mullins (????-????)
Buddy Mullins (????-????)
Cindy Mullins (????-????)
Paul Lancaster (????-????)
Mark Willett (????-????)
Wesley Willett (????-????)
Joel Higgins (????-????)
Marvin Sims (????-????)

Sunday Drive (197?-????)

Also known as "The Roger Mullins Family," "The Mullins" and "Mullins & Co." (Scroll down for information on the group made up of members of the Treece family.)


The Mullins got their start in the 1970s as a family group consisting of evangelist Roger Mullins and his family, Cherie, Cindy & Buddy Mullins. One of the first non-family members to sing with the Mullins during the 1980s was Paul Lancaster. Mark Willett joined the group around 1987.

The Mullins recorded on the Canaan Records labels and built a strong following in the Southern Gospel and Inspirational markets by the early 1990s. In 1993, Buddy Mullins joined the Gaither Vocal Band to sing lead, but continued to sing with his own group when the GVB schedule allowed. After two years with Gaither, he returned to the Mullins full time.

The group name was changed to Sunday Drive in 1996 when the group made the shift to a more contemporary style. Members at this time included Paul Lancaster, Wes Willett, Mark Willett, Joel Higgins and Marvin Sims in addition to Mullins. They toured with evangelist Josh McDowell and recorded on the Brentwood label. During 1997 and 1998, they were the opening act for the Clay Crosse/Jaci Velasquez tour and also were the backing band for the two headliners.


Singing News Fan Awards
Horizon Group (1992)


1984 Too Late (Custom Records).

1990 Let's Claim Them (Pinnacle Records): I Wonder; For All My Sin; He's Living Again; It's Still The Cross; Here's My Heart; 20 20 Vision; My Hometown; Make Up Your Mind; Gloryland; Let's Claim Them. (Roger Mullins, Cherie Mullins, Buddy Mullins, Paul Lancaster, Mark Willett).

1991 Against The Odds (Pinnacle Records): Against The Odds; Church For A Change; We Have An Invitation; I Can't Wait To Get To Heaven; At The First; New Man; He Makes No Mistakes; My Savior First Of All; Jesus Is The Best Friend; Find Time. (Roger Mullins, Buddy Mullins, Paul Lancaster, Wesley Willett, Mark Willett).

1992 One Step Forward (Canaan Records): As A Matter Of Fact; Faithful To The End; Death Is Just A Door; He's Been There; Lonesome Valley; I Am Going; The Anchor Of My Soul; Did It Ever Occur To You; Born To Win; Overlooking Freedom; This Shelter's Strong. (Roger Mullins, Buddy Mullins, Paul Lancaster, Wesley Willett, Mark Willett).

1994 All The Right Doors (Word Records): All The Right Doors; Happily Ever After; Perfect Praise; Brook In The Way; A Song Of Unity; Til Kingdom Come; Don't Look Down; Unsinkable; Heavenly Places; This Poor Man Cried. (Buddy Mullins, Paul Lancaster, Wesley Willett, Mark Willett).

???? Vocal Point Acappella: Nothing To Bring Him; Happy Am I/Happiness Is; In The Garden; Who's Gonna Stand In The Gap; Lamb Of God; I've Got It; There Is A Savior; Psalms 25; I Just Came To Praise The Lord; I Must Tell Jesus.

1996 Sunday Drive (Brentwood Records): God Is Believable; Say What You Want; Sacred Delight; Whatever; I Believe; Universal Love; For Tomorrow; Runaway; No Mistake; Right From Wrong.

1999 Doors Open Wide (Diadem Records): (Throw The) Doors Open Wide; Soul Revolution; God Is Good; This Is Love; I Am The One; Sunshine; It's You; Be A Bridge; Feel Like Dancing; Lamb Of God.

Group Members

Jeff Treece
Misty Treece
Dustin Treece
Doug Johnson

Sunday Drive (1999-present)

Also known as Jeff Treece Band.


Jeff Treece formed Jeff Treece Band in 1999 after a career that had included stints with the McKameys and his family's group, Cedar Ridge. In 2009, the name of the group was changed from Jeff Treece Band to Sunday Drive.


2005 Angels Watching (Crossroads Music/CRD6582): Angels Watching; Gave It All To Me; I Couldn't Have Lost Her (To A Better Man); Shine On; More Than Ready; Motor Home Song; 11:59; Do The Math; That's What I Call A Friend; Little Hope Baptist Church.

2011 Christmas Is Here (Sonlite Records/CR11732): Christmas Is Here; Itís A God Thing; The Christmas Song; Thereís No Place Like Home For The Holidays. (This EP also included performance tracks for "Christmas Is Here" and "It's A God Thing".)

2012 Top Of The Wold (Sonlite Records/LH31272): Top Of The World; U R; I Believe; Itís A God Thing; Road Rage; Always Seventeen; Walkiní; Uh Oh; My Princess; A Reason To Believe; The Good Side Of Goodbye. (Jeff Treece, Misty Treece, Dustin Treece and Doug Johnson).

2014 Happy Happy Happy (Sonlite Records/CR13132): This I Know; Happy, Happy, Happy; Just Another Stone; The Light; Heaven; Donít Drown; In This World Today; American Heroes. (Jeff Treece, Misty Treece, Dustin Treece and Doug Johnson).

2016 Special Edition (Sonlite Records/SL31492): A Good Song; I Thank You; If There's A Rocking Chair In Heaven; Don't Forget My Senior Discount; I'll Stand For You; I Was On Your Mind; Just Believe; I Got Saved; 11:59. (Jeff Treece, Misty Treece, Dustin Treece).

2018 A Million Miles (Sonlite Records): Right Where You Want Me To Be; Born Again; Iím Not Gonna Leave; What Can Change The World; A Million Miles; He Set Me Free; Living In The Middle Of His Will; Angels Sing My Victory Song; Just Before The Dawn; Itís All About Me (Jeff Treece, Misty Treece, Dustin Treece).
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