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Squire Parsons (April 4, 1948 - )

Also credited as Squire Parsons Jr, Squire E Parsons, and Squire E Parsons Jr.


Squire Parsons is a Southern Gospel soloist. He was formerly the baritone singer for the Kingsmen Quartet and briefly sang lead for that group as well. He also had two groups of his own, the Squire Parsons Trio and Squire Parsons And Redeemed. He also performed with West Virginia's Calvarymen Quartet.

In 2019 in the wake of health issues, Parsons announced he was retiring from traveling. Having started his career with the Calvarymen in 1969, Parsons was in his 50th year of touring at the time of his retirement.


SGMA Hall Of Fame (2008)

Singing News Fan Awards
Favorite Male Singer (1988)
Favorite Baritone (1986, 1987)
Favorite Songwriter (1986, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995)
The Order Of The Long Leaf Pine (2016/for exemplary service to the State of North Carolina and the community that is above and beyond the call of duty)

Additionally, his composition Sweet Beulah Land won the Singing News Fan Awards Song of the Year for the Kingsmen Quartet in 1981.

Solo Discography

1979 Sweet Beulah Land (Dawn Records/IRC 1016): Sweet Beulah Land; Jesus Is The One; Covered By The Blood; He's Already Won The Victory; What Did He See In Me; Master Of The Sea; The Son Will Still Be Shining; They Didn't Believe; I Stand Amazed; Let It Shine.

1980 He Came To Me (Dawn Records/IRC 1119): He Came To Me; He’s My Lord; By The Precious Blood; Has Anyone Seen Jesus Today; By Calvary; I’ll Make It On Home Someday; The Greatest Of All Miracles; Let Me Be A Witness; Jesus Can; Look For Me At Jesus' Feet.

1980 I'll Have A New Song (Dawn Records/D1086): I'll Have A New Song; He's Still Living; Whosoever Will; Nearing The Shore; Redeemed; Caravan Of Grace; My Name Is Written There; You'll Never Know; Keep The Fire Burning; The Lovely Name Of Jesus.

1981 Gloryland (Dawn Records/D1198): Gloryland; I've Got A Feeling; John 3:16; We Shall Be Like Him; Zacheus; My Calvary; Going Home To Jesus; It Should Have Been Mine; Streets Of Pure Gold; Where Will You Be.

1981 Christmas With (Dawn Records/D1199): Christmas Medley; Silent Night; Joy To The World; Unto You A Savior; Mr Wise Man; O Holy Night; Sleep Little Baby Sleep; O Little Town Of Bethlehem; Angels We Have Heard On High.

1982 The Broken Rose (Dawn Records/D1250): The Broken Rose; Who's Gonna Carry The Light; Dust Upon The Altar; The Lord's Gonna Stand By Me; Family Reunion; Water From The Well; A Beautiful Robe; Longing To Go There; Whatever Happened To The Old Rugged Cross; After The Storm.

1982 Gospel Selections 1 (Dawn Records/D1275): New Grace; Oh What A Promise; Turn It Over To Jesus; The Ninety And Nine; Call Out My Name; ; A Song To Sing; Holy, Holy, Holy; Medley: I Feel Like Traveling On/When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder.

1983 He Redeemed Me (Dawn Records/D1295): He Redeemed Me; Don't Let Old Satan Get You Down; Filled With The Spirit; This Old Road; Jesus Put My Life Together Again; Hello Mama; Love Song; I Now Can See; He's Coming Back; Come To The Savior Now.

1984 His Very Best (Heartwarming Records/RO3872): Oh What A Moment; Filled With The Spirit; Hello Mama; I've Got A Reservation; Medley: The Master Of The Sea/The Greatest Of All Miracles/He Came To Me/I Stand Amazed; Jesus Is The Door; The Broken Rose; Zaccheus; I'll Have A New Song; Sweet Beulah Land.

1984 It Is The King Of Kings (Heartwarming Records/RO3952): It Is The King Of Kings; That's Where I'm Going; By Faith; Chariots Of Love; It's Just Another Bend; Redeeming Grace; A Night To Be Remembered; We Praise Thee; One Of These Days; I Find It All In Thee.

1985 Wind, Rain And Fire (Benson Records): Scars Of Love?; May This Wind Once Again Blow?; Set Me On Fire?; I Have To Sing?; We Need Each Other; The Great Conqueror?; Missing Children; Come Shiloh?; The Little Carpenter?.

1986 That's When It Will Be Heaven (Passage Records): That's When It Will Be Heaven?; Shout For Joy?; There's Still Power; Help Is On The Way; It's In The Saviour's Hands?; Sing Praise; Come Back Home; Look To The Blood?; Who's Gonna Stand In The Gap; The Pearl?.

1986 Classics (Christian Essence Records/SPCN-7-90057-001-2): Sweet Beulah Land; I'll Have A New Song; He Came To Me; Zaccheus; Come To The Savior Now; The Greatest Of All Miracles; He's Coming Back; He Redeemed Me; Master Of The Sea; I Stand Amazed.

1987 Going Home (Passage Records): Going Home; Doing What I Can?; I Sing Because; Move On Up?; Still Sailing On?; Gonna Build Me An Ark; Doesn't Feel Like Home?; I Can't Explain It?; Shadows Of The Night?; Walk On.

1987 Sings Your Favorite Hymns (Passage Records/7-90057-067-5): When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder; Beulah Land Medley: Is Not This The Land Of Beulah/Oh Beulah Land?/Sweet Beulah Land; I Will Sing The Wondrous Story; The Old Rugged Cross; Zion's Hill; Victory In Jesus; Hymn's Of Praise Medley: My Jesus I Love Thee/Great Is Thy Faithfulness/How Great Thou Art; Gaither Medley: He Touched Me/Because He Lives/The Family Of God; Amazing Grace/I Need Thee Every Hour.

1988 Morning Light (Passage Records): Morning Light; O Clap Your Hands?; He Is There; Marching On; The Lamb Is King; Dying For Me?; Holding On To The Promise?; I Know He Lives; You'll Never Look Back?.

1990 Heavenly Country (Passage Records): America, Keep Holding To God's Hand?; I Want To Walk With My Lord; One Moment With Jesus?; It's Not What's Over The Door; Always In My Hands; Heavenly Country; Rest A Little While; I Call It Home; Lord, You've Been A Friend?; When My Life's Story Is Told?.

1992 One Voice (Passage Records): One Voice; Testimony Meeting; My Treasures; Only One Star; Homecoming Day; Family Tree; The Sacrifice; He's Right On Time; Our Only Hope; Better Than This.

1992 Gloryland (Passage Records) Gloryland; I've Got A Feeling; John 3:16; We Shall Be Like Him; Zacheus; My Calvary; Going Home To Jesus; It Should Have Been Mine; Streets Of Pure Gold; Where Will You Be (Reissue of the 1981 album of the same title and packaged as a double CD with One Voice).

1993 High Country (Passage Records/7-90057-118-3): Bring Back The Cross; High Country; Love Slave; From A Child To A Soldier; The Road Back; We Shall Be Changed; Grace And Glory; No Question About It; Accepted In The Beloved; Gotta Go On (Double CD High Country and the reissue of the 1980 album He Came To Me on (Passage Records/7-90057-117-5).

1994 Rise And Shine (Passage Records/7-90057-121-3): The Day Of The Lord; What A Great Homecoming Day; Walk With The Lord; Rise And Shine; He Will; Crown Of Bright Glory; My Nail Prints?; Every Word Is True?; I'm Not Giving Up; Beautiful Dove?.

1995 Dancing Shoes (Passage Records): Dancing Shoes; Mighty Long Way To Go; God's Chosen; The Church Is Going Up; Oh Lord How We'd Sing; He Is Not Here; Walking On Air; Jesus Can Turn It Around; Special Flower; There's A Rock.

1996 The Banquet House (Passage Records/7-90057-151-5): The Blood Keeps On Cleansing?; You're Not Alone; I've Been Born Again; The Banquet House?; When Faith Is Not Enough?; Recitation (The Blessed Man); The Blessed Man?; Sending A Prayer Your Way?; Open Your Eyes Now?; Looking Back; Holding My Own?.

1998 Come Let Us Worship (Parable Records/PB00352): Come Let Us Worship; We Are The Church; Well Done; We Ought To Praise Him; Be Strong In The Lord; When The Gates Swing Open Wide; The Blessed Hill; O Blessed Hope; Smell The Flowers; As You Leave This Place.

1999 Squire Parsons…Southern Gospel Soloists (Crossroads Music/0704): Heavenly Country; A Mighty Long Way To Go; God Can; I’ll Just Go On Home; Rise And Shine; Marching On; The Day Love Became Grace; I Know He Lives.

2000 We Shall Get Home (Horizon Records): We Shall Get Home?; You Can Fly?; We Are The Gift?; Something's Calling Me Away?; When The Wind Blows?; I'm Glad That I'm Ready?; Everlasting Arms; There Was You?; He'll Go With Us?; A Little Tear?.

2000 Millennial Collection (Passage Records/7-90057-174-4): Sweet Beulah Land; Dancing Shoes; A Mighty Long Way To Go; You're Not Alone; I've Been Born Again; I'm Sending A Prayer Your Way?; The Master Of The Sea Medley; I've Got A Reservation; Singing Through The Fire?; Look For Me At Jesus' Feet; The Day Of The Lord; Sing Praise; It's In The Savior's Hands; Help Is On The Way; America Keep Holding To God's Hands; Beneath This Armor; The Day Love Became Grace; I'll Have A New Song; I'll Just Go On Home; I Know He Lives.

2002 I'm Still Singing (Passage Records/7-90057-178-7): I'm Still Singing; Thank You Mother; Looking For That City; I Walked The Aisle; I Got A Hold Of Something; Christ Is All; Five Little Pennies; Dem Bones; Oh What A Promise; Loving Arms.

2003 The Soldiers Song (Crossroads Music/CR04392) The Soldiers Song; The Picture; If God Be For Us; We Ought To Be Praisin The Lord; America Keep Holding To Gods Hands; We Need Each Other; Bring Back The Cross; Our Only Hope; Let It Shine; Beneath This Armor.

2008 He Hath Said (Passage Records/7-90057-193-0): It Won't Be Long; He Hath Said; God Forever More Reigns; There's A Brighter Day; Everyday Heroes; That's Where I'm Gonna Be; He Hath Said (Encore #1); I Must Follow; When The Morning Comes; He Knows What's Best; When You Know My God; He Hath Said (Encore #2) (Additional Vocals on He Hath Said - Sam Parsons, Arthur Rice, Jeff Chapman).

2011 A Living Legend - Songs Of Squire Parsons (Custom Records/TMS-7209CD): He Came To Me (Booth Brothers); I Go To The Rock (Legacy Five); The Greatest Of All Miracles (Brian Free & Assurance); I Call It Home (Karen Peck, Jim Brady, Melissa Brady); I'm Not Giving Up (Gold City); The Broken Rose (Ivan Parker); I've Got A Reservation (Glen Dustin, Mark Trammell, Jim Brady, Chris Allman); I Sing Because (Mark Trammell Quartet); I Know The Lord (Triumphant Quartet); Hello Mama (Jim Brady); Master Of The Sea (The Whisnants); You're Not Alone (The Kingsmen); Always In My Hands (Debra Talley); Ever Since That Wonderful Day (The Kingdom Heirs); Look For Me At Jesus' Feet (Booth Brothers); I Stand Amazed (Arthur Rice, Jim Brady, Greater Vision); If God Be For Us (Gold City); Sweet Beulah Land (All Artists).

Songwriter's Résumé

(Partial List)

A Good Old Gospel Song
A Great Big Hand
A Little Bit Of Heaven
A Little Down Payment
Anchored In The Rock
Because Of The Blood
Beneath This Armour
Better Than This
Broken Rose
Brother Eutychus
Call Out My Name
Captain Jesus
Caravan Of Grace
Christ Is All
Covered By The Blood
Crown Of Bright Glory
Daddy I'm Fine
Dad's Footsteps
Dem Bones
Ever Since That Wonderful Day
Family Tree
First Flight Out
Five Little Pennies
Give Him What You've Got
Going Home
Going Home To Jesus
Gold In Them There Hills
Gonna Build Me An Ark
Gonna Keep Holding On
He Brought Me Thru
He Came To Me
He Did Not Fail
He Left The Light On
He Made A Way
He Redeemed Me
Heaven Will Mine Someday
Heaven's Rose
He'll Never Let Go Of My Hand
Hello Mama
Help Is On The Way
He's Already Won The Victory
He's Been There Too
He's Right On Time
He's Still Living
His Name Is Jesus
Holiness Fire
Homecoming Day
I Am Still His Child
I Go To The Rock
I Go To The Rock Of Ages
I Got A Hold Of Something
I Know He's Coming Back
I Know That I Know
I Know The Lord
I Know The One
I Sing Because
I Stand Amazed
I Walked The Aisle
If God Be For Us
If There's A Crown For Me
If You Give Your Heart
I'll Have A New Song
I'm Gonna Walk Everyday With My Lord
I'm Not Giving Up
I'm So Glad
I'm So Glad I Know The Lord
I'm So Glad That Jesus Saved My Soul
I'm Still Singing
It Did Not End With The Cross
It Is Not What's Over The Door
It Should Have Been Mine
It's In The Savior's Hands
It's Just About Time
It's Real
I've Got A Feeling
I've Got A Home
I've Got A Reservation
Jesus Gave Me A Song
Jesus Is The One
Keep The Fire Burning
King Of Eternity
Leaning On A Mighty Strong Arm
Leavin' On Out
Let It Shine
Living Water
Longing To Go There
Look For Me At Jesus' Feet
Looking For That City
Lord, Do It Again
Master Of The Sea
More Than I Ever Asked For
Morning Light
Mr Wise Man
My God Sent An Angel
My Treasures
Nearing The Shore
No Farther Than The Cross
Now I Am On My Way To Heaven
Oh What A Promise
One Lone Soldier
One Of These Days
One Voice
Only His Hand
Only Jesus
Only One Star
Our Only Hope
Redeeming Grace
Send Down The Chariot
Sleep Little Baby Sleep
Some Sweet Day
Sweet Beulah Land
Testimony Meeting
Thank You For Being A Friend
Thank You Mother
That Very Moment
The Greatest Miracle
The Lovely Name Of Jesus
The Old Time Way
The Sacrifice
The Shepherd
The Son Will Still Be Shining
The Straight And Narrow Way
There Has Never Been A Man Like This Man
There's A Better Land
They Didn't Believe
Touch The Hem
Traveling The Road
Unto You A Savior
Walk On
Way Down Inside Of Me
We Shall Be Changed
We Shall Be Like Him
We Shall Fight On
What Did He See In Me
What Jesus Did For Me
When He Comes
When The Ship Pulls Away
Where Miracles Happen Still
Where Will You Be
Who's Gonna Carry The Light
Who's Gonna Stand In The Gap
Whosoever Will
Won't We Have A Wonderful Time
You Don't Have To Wait
You'll Never Know
You're Not Alone

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