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P.Perry Sisters

Perry Sisters, 1988

Group Members

Diana Perry Gillette (1974-Present)
Bonnie Perry (1974-1990)
Carol Perry (1974-1990)
Tammy Underwood (????-Present)
Nicole Matthews (2007-Present)
Bob Gillette (????-????)
Larry Cooke (????-????)
Jeff Hogsten (????-????)
Angela Gillette (????-????)
Rodney Underwood (????-????)
Karen Akemon (????-????)
Jada Hite (????-????)

The Perry Sisters (1974-Present)


1976 Love Will Roll The Clouds Away (Appalachia Sound).

1977 You're All Invited To My Mansion (Appalachia Sound/RSR649): You're All Invited To My Mansion; The Shepherd Of My Valley; When I Cross To The Other Side Of Jordan; I Won't Walk Without Jesus; When I Wake Up To Sleep No More; The Scars In The Hands Of Jesus; Upper Window; Wait'll You See My Brand New Home; The Journey Gets Sweeter Every Day; On Heaven's Bright Shore. (Carolyn Edwards, Diana Gillette, Bonnie Belcher, Bob Gillette, Larry Cooke).

1979 I'm Gonna Keep On Working (Custom): Till He Comes; Looking For You; He's Coming Again; Treasures Unseen; Come To The Water; Joy In The Morning; There'll Be Someone Looking For Me; Going Home On A Glory Cloud; When I Get Home; Today Is Tomorrow's Yesterday. (Bonnie Belcher, Carolyn Edwards, Diana Gillette).

1982 Keep Watching And Waiting: Keep Watching And Waiting; This Man Called Jesus; He Rescued His Children; Lord Teach Your Servant; Welcome Home; I Will Be A Millionaire; Mamaís Prayers Went On; Iím Feeling Fine; The Poorest Can Own A Bright Mansion; Ask And You Shall Receive. (Diana Gillette, Bonnie Perry, Carol Perry).

1983 In One Accord (Chime Records/1051): Heíll Deliver Me; Victory On The Other Side; Living My Life For Jesus; He Means The World To Me; Johnís Vision; Hold On; Iím Gonna Shout Hallelujah; Heir To The King; Moses; My Heavenly Flight. (Diana Gillette, Bonnie Perry, Carol Perry).

1984 Gloryland Train (Harvest Records/HAR1016): Gloryland Train; The Harvest Is Plenty; Looking Away; When The Bridegroom Descends; Let Him Come In; In The Ark Of Safety; Child, You're Soon Coming Home; Great Gettin' Up Morning; A Vacation That Will Never End; Thank God I've Made It. (Diana Gillette, Carolyn Edwards, Bonnie Belcher, Bob Gillette).

1985 Expressions Of Truth (Harvest Records/HAR1045): I Wonder How Mary Felt; Talkin' About Heaven; You Took This Life; It Means Much More To Me; Satan, Your Kingdom's Coming Down; We Need A Helping Hand; Reach Out And Touch The Master; The Precious Flower; He'll Deliver Me; No Hiding Place. (Diana Gillette, Bonnie Belcher, Carolyn Edwards, Bob Gillette).

1987 We Shall Stand Live Concert (Harvest Records/HAR1123): Talkin' About Heaven; Zion's Hill; Group Introductions; My God Is More Than Enough; I'll Not Turn Back; We Shall Stand; Blow The Seven Trumpets; Two Coats; I Wonder How Mary Felt; He'll Deliver Me; In The Sweet Forever. (Diana Gillette, Bonnie Belcher, Caroyln Edwards, Angela Gillette, Tammy Belcher, Bob Gillette, Jeff Hogsten).

1988 His Name Be Praised (MorningStar Records/MS4096): There'll Be A Payday; Behold The King; I'll Take To The Sky; Let His Name Be Praised; I Asked The Reason; The Touch Of His Love; Lean On The Rock; Sweet Anointing. (Carolyn Edwards, Angela Gillette, Bob Gillette, Diana Gillette, Jeff Hogsten, Tammy Belcher, Bonnie Belcher).

1989 Do It Right (MorningStar Records/MS4104): You Are The Rock; Resurrection Morn; It's Just About Time; Old Time Feeling; Bought By The Blood Of The Lamb; I Found That Silver Lining; I Want To Be Found Worthy; The Grave Can't Hold Me; More Than Just A Hill. (Tammy Belcher, Diana Gillette, Bob Gillette, Angela Gillette, Jeff Hogsten, Carolyn Edwards, Bonnie Belcher).

1990 Celebration (MorningStar Records/MS4117): They Can't Start The Celebration; The Messiah's Coming; If I Had Wings; Holy Is Thy Name; I've Got A Feeling; I've Found The Right Road; If It Had Not Been; His Name Is Jesus; My Father's Words; No, I Wasn't There. (Diana Gillette, Patsy, Carolyn Edwards, Angela Gillette, Bob Gillette, Jeff Hogsten).

1990 From Our Hearts To Yours (MorningStar Records)

1991 Heavenly Rain...Showers Of Blessings (MorningStar Records/MS4130): We Should Be Thankful; Since I Learned How To Pray; Won't It Be Wonderful There; Not My Will; I Don't Want No Rocks; Shout And Shine; If It Had Not Been; Borrowed Tomb; There Is Hope; O The Blood Of Jesus. (Jeff Hogsten, Angela Gillette, Bob Gillette, Diana Gillette, Tammy Belcher).

1992 Garden Of Dreams (Sonlite Records/SON146): Turn To Him; Imagine If You Will; I've Got A Mansion; Build My Home; New River; A Know So Kind Of Feeling; Thread Of Hope; The Only Setting Son; The Price Of One Crown; The Songs That We Loved. (Diana Gillette, Angela Gillette, Tammy Belcher, Bob Gillette).

1993 Songs That Warm The Heart (Sonlite Records/SON151): Give Me That Old Time Religion; Jesus Savior Pilot Me; Eastern Gate; Pass Me Not; Victory In Jesus Medley; I Was There When It Happened; Amazing Grace; In The Sweet Forever; He Looked Beyond My Faults; In The Garden. (Angela Gillette, Diana Gillette, Tammy Belcher, Bob Gillette).

1994 A Family Portrait (Sonlite Records/SON154): I'd Rather Live For Him; I'm Coming Out Of This Valley; The Shepherd; You Always Make Me Feel At Home; We Are Family; One More Soul; Don't Ask Me To Give Up Jesus; They Can't Take The Blood; Let The Wind Blow; Where Was God. (Angela Gillette, Tammy Underwood, Diana Gillette, Bob Gillette, Rodney Underwood).

1995 Still Water (Sonlite Records/SON171): I've Got Victory In My Soul; Go Down Death; Climbing Up The Mountain; The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power; God's Still God; You'll Hold My Hand; There Ain't Nobody; You Are The Potter; In The Valley; You Are His; Let The Fire Fall. (Angela Gillette, Diana Gillette, Tammy Underwood, Bob Gillette, Rodney Underwood).

1996 Evening Shades Accapella (Sonlite Records): If You Ever Needed The Lord Before; In The Ark Of Safety; Farther Along; Little Is Much; It Is Well With My Soul; Where He Leads Me; Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All; Jesus Is A Waymaker; Heir To The King; I Just Want To Thank You Lord; Through The Fire; I Need Jesus. (Angela Gillette, Tammy Underwood, Diana Gillette, Bob Gillette, Rodney Underwood).

1997 Eyes Of The Heart (Sonlite Records/SON285): Heaven's Avenue; When You're Looking At Me; Expecting God To Move; Miracles Can Happen; This Body Of Clay; There Is Hope; I Can Call Jesus Anytime; The Moment When I Rise; Good News From The Graveyard; What Would I Do Without You. (Karen Akemon, Diana Gillette, Tammy Underwood, Bob Gillette).

1998 Diamonds Forever (Sonlite Records/SL29054): A Sling Full Of Faith; Only Sleeping; He Took The Grave Clothes; We're Holding The Banner; In God's Way, In God's Will, In God's Time; Then Came The Dawning; Rock Of Ages Hide Me Again; Strength Of My Heart; He Was The Man; Clap Your Hand All Ye People. (Karen Akemon, Diana Gillette, Tammy Underwood, Bob Gillette).

1999 Still Of The Night (Sonlite Records): Savior Of The World; Who Would Imagine A King; My Favorite Time Of Year; The Still Of The Night; Christmas Song; Light In The Window; Joy To The World; The Messiah's Coming; Song Of Cheer; The First Noel; Hark The Herald Angels Sing; God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen; Angels We Have Heard On High. (Tammy Underwood, Diana Gillette, Karen Akemon).

2000 This Kind Of Love (Sonlite Records): We Need A Little Love; My Praise Will Come; More Like You; Follow These Directions; Take It To Jesus; That Wonderful Name; Look At The Tears; Let Me Fall; Jesus Gives Love To Me; This Kind Of Love. (Diana Gillette, Tammy Underwood, Jada Hite).

2001 Reminisce (Sonlite Records/SL29962): Lean On The Rock; We Need A Helping Hand; It's Just About Time; Holy Is Thy Name; They Can't Start The Celebration; If It Had Not Been; I Don't Want No Rocks; Resurrection Morn; You Took This Life; More Than Just A Hill; There'll Be A Payday; God's Gonna Do A Work. (Jada Hite, Diana Gillette, Tammy Underwood).

2007 A New Season (Willowood Productions/WW071002): I Want To Bow Down At Your Feet; I Fall Down On My Knees; The Lord Of The Harvest; He'll Deliver Me; Yes I Believe; Take Up The Cross; No Matter Where You Are; Speak His Name; Hallelujah To The Lamb; My Heart Will Sing; Keep Walkin On; Under The Blood; You've Gotta Let Go. (Nicole Matthews, Tammy Underwood, Diana Gillette).

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