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1980 Expressions of Love (Canaan Records/CAS9856): Sweet Beulah Land; We Shall Wear A Robe And Crown; I Wanna Go; It's Over Now; I've Been Redeemed; He Is Love; It'll Be Alright; I'm The One; I've Never Been Disappointed In Him; Over The Hill; The Son Will Still Be Shining. (Rodney Swain, Janet Paschal, Rex Nelon, Kelly Nelon, Jerry Thompson, Lamar Newton, Greg Cothran).

1981 Sing the Gospel (RNS Records/also released with I've Got My Foot On The Rock as a "Double Album" XRNS=2102): He's Coming Soon; Lord, I Need A Little Heaven; Leaving On My Mind; I'm Standing On The Solid Rock; Brush Arbor; God Is Bigger; Going Up Yonder; They're Getting Ready In Glory; One Day At A Time; Jesus Gave Me Peace Of Mind (Also released on Trail Records/TSRC-0890).

1981 One More Song (RNS Records): One More Song; It's My Desire; Everything Looks Brighter; When I Cross To The Other Side Of Jordan; Let Your Faith Do The Walking; Take Me To Jesus; Don't Be Left Behind; My Friend And I; It Is Well; Till He Comes; Victory Shall Be Mine.

1981 One Step Closer (Canaan Records/CAS9873): Jesus Is Alive And Well; All That I Have; Turn To Jesus; I'll Just Lay It Down; Lights Of Heaven; Hide Me, Sweet Rock Of Ages; Headed For Glory; Sail For The Other Side; He Cared For Me; Stepping In The Steps; If You Had Known Me. (Jerry Thompson, Janet Paschal, Rex Nelon, Rodney Swain, Kelly Nelon Thompson, Todd Nelon).

1982 Feeling At Home (Canaan Records/CAS9884): Jesus Is Your Ticket To Heaven; Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good; Name It And Claim It; Where Would I Turn; Joybells; The Wedding Day; What A Singing; How Do I Look Leaving This World; The Future's Looking Brighter; Way Up In Gloryland. (Karen Peck, Kelly Nelon, Jerry Thompson, Rodney Swain, Rex Nelon, Todd Nelon).

1983 We Shall Behold the King (Canaan Records): When I Receive My Robe And Crown; O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing; A Story That Never Shall Die; Lord, Please Shine Your Light; Walk Right Out Of This Valley; We Shall Behold The King; Fight The Good Fight; No Longer Lonely; I Can't Keep It To Myself; All Our Favorite Songs. (Rex Nelon, Jerry Thompson, Kelly Nelon, Rodney Swain, Karen Peck, Todd Nelon).

1984 The Best and a Whole Lot More (Canaan Records/SPCN7019914136): The Sun's Coming Up; If God Be For Us; Sweet Beulah Land; We Shall Wear A Robe And Crown; Amazing Grace; There's More Where That Came From; More Than Conquerors; He's My Best Friend; Come Morning; Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me. (Karen Peck, Jerry Thompson, Kelly Nelon, Rodney Swain, Rex Nelon, Todd Nelon).

1984 Iíve Got My Foot On The Rock (RNS Records): Iíve Got My Foot On The Rock; Green Pastures; Where You Gonna Hide; Thereíll Be A Song In The Morning; Heís My Rainbow; Getting Ready To Leave This World; Glad Reunion Day; Thinking Of A Mansion; The Wedding In Mount Zion; Good News; Bring Back The New Again.

1984 Precious Old Story of Love (RNS Records/RN-4465-C): I Know Iím Going There; My Best Friend; Your Rideís On The Way; The Prodigal Sonís Coming Home; Youíre My Soul Saver; You Canít Win; Angels Move Over; Precious Old Story Of Love; The Torch; Then I'll Know What You're Talking About.

1985 In One Accord (Canaan Records/7019920136): God's Way Up; Alleluia To The Lamb; We Shall Overcome; There Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down; What In The World; God Bless The USA; The Sweetest Song; If Jesus Is There; I Love Him; Don't Give Up. (Jerry Thompson, Karen Peck, Kelly Nelon, Rex Nelon, Todd Nelon).

1986 Journeys (Canaan Records/7019951139): Lift Up Your Hands; All Rise; The Good News And The Bad News; Nothing Shall Separate Me; Here Comes Jesus; I'm Gonna Keep Walkin'; Take The Praise; Have A Safe Journey Home; Joy; Famine In Their Land. (Karen Peck, Jerry Thompson, Kelly Nelon, Rex Nelon, Todd Nelon, Stan Whitmire).

1987 Thanks (Canaan Records/7019964133): Happy Ending; Holy Land; I Lean On You Lord; Let Go And Let God; He Is The King; Thanks; I've Got A Right; I'll Talk To The Father; Real People Of God; I'd Do It All Over Again. (Karen Peck, Todd Nelon, Jerry Thompson, Rex Nelon, Kelly Nelon, Jeff Stice).

1988 Get Ready (Canaan Records/7019970532): In Jesus Name; I Can Almost Hear The Trumpet; Revival In The Land; Get Ready For The Rapture; Medals, Crowns And Trophies; A Wonderful Change; Bring My Children Home; I Just Keep Watching The Gates; Building; We're Gonna Make It. (Kelly Nelon, Jerry Thompson, Rex Nelon, Karen Peck Gooch, Tood Nelon, Jeff Stice).

1989 Let the Redeemed Say So (Canaan Records/7019984533): Let The Redeemed Say So; I Will Give You Water; I Want To Praise Jesus; He's The Calm Before The Storm; Singing In The Midnight Hour; Stand Still; We're Gonna Walk In White; He's Never Gone Back On A Promise; He Left It All; Get Up, Get Ready. (Rex Nelon, Kelly Nelon, Jerry Thompson, Karen Peck Gooch, Todd Nelon, Jeff Stice).

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