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M.Mylon LeFevre

Mylon LeFevre - 1960s

Mylon LeFevre (October 6, 1944-present)


Mylon LeFevre grew up performing with the LeFevres, a group managed by his parents, Urias and Eva Mae LeFevre.

He entered the United States Army at the age of 17. It was there that he wrote his first song, "Without Him." Some time later while still stationed at Fort Jackson, SC, Mylon hitchhiked to Memphis, TN to perform the song with his family at the National Quartet Convention. Elvis Presley heard the song and recorded it on his 1967 album, How Great Thou Art. As soon as Presley's album released, many other artists recorded the song as well. Mylon LeFevre has stated the first royalty check was in excess of $90,000. By this point, Mylon was a member of JD Sumner And The Stamps Quartet.

Soon after that, Mylon LeFevre turned his sights toward a different style of music. Mylon/We Believe was released in 1969 on the Cotillion label. This recording is considered to be the second Christian rock recording ever made, the first being Larry Norman’s Upon This Rock. The core members of Mylon’s band in 1969 became members of the Atlanta Rhythm Section in 1970.

During the 1970s, Mylon chased the dream of a secular rock music career, recording for Columbia Records. He ultimately hit bottom in 1979 and found redemption in Christ. After being delivered from drug addiction, he returned to perform Christian contemporary music in the 1980s and early 1990s with his group Broken Heart.

Mylon has focused on preaching and teaching more than singing in recent years. Mylon’s daughter, Summer, is married to Peter Furler, a former lead singer and drummer for the Newsboys.


GMA Hall Of Fame (2005)

Discography (includes albums with Broken Heart band)

1968 Your Only Tomorrow: My Only Hope; Walking My Lord Up Calvary's Hill; Close To The Master; So Glad; Keep Me; A Friend Is Jesus; I'll Be So Happy There; The Angels Must Have Cried; Tormented Window; It Must Be The Man In The Sky; Your Only Tomorrow; Jesus Is The Only One For Me. (Reissued in 1984 as New Found Joy on Skylite Records/6317)

1969 Mylon/We Believe (Cotillion Records/Atlantic Records): The Old Gospel Ship; Sunday School Blues; Who Knows; Sweet Peace Within; You're Still On His Mind; Trying To Be Free; Searching For Reality; Pleasing Who, Pleases You; Contemplation; Hitch Hike; Peace Begins Within; The Only Thing That's Free.

1971 With Holy Smoke (Columbia Records/CA 30185): Wonderin';, Baby, I'm Down; Silver Paper; Railroad Angels; Mountain Home; Holy Smoke Doo Dah Band; Why You Been Gone So Long?; Pool Shooter; Sixteen Tons; Angel Band.

1972 Over the Influence (Columbia Records/KC 31472): Mama, You Been On My Mind; Blue Suede Shoes; Down By the Riverside; My Lady; Kickin'; Working On a Building; I Am What I Am; I'll Fly Away; I'm Flying #1 (For Free); He's Not Just a Soldier; For the Record; Waymaker.

1973 On the Road to Freedom (w/ Alvin Lee) (Chrysalis/CHR 1054 / Columbia CA 32729): On the Road to Freedom; The World Is Changing; So Sad (No Love of His Own); Fallen Angel; Funny; We Will Shine; Carry My Load; Lay Me Back; Let 'Em Say What They Will; I Can't Take It; Riffin'; Rockin' Till the Sun Goes Down.

1977 Weak At the Knees (Warner Brothers Records/BS 3070): Goodbye Miss Sadness; Let's Get Together; Second Hand Lady; Country John; Banjo Boy; All My Love; Love As One; Basic Lady; Girl From the North Country; Understand It; Old Ship of Zion.

1978 Love Rustler (Warner Brothers Records/BSK 3216): Keep the Fire Burning; Someone Whispered; Make Room for My Dream; Another Slant; Find Out What's Happening; Lacy Lover; White Rocket; Rowena; Better Come Back; The Same Man.

1980 Rock 'N Roll Resurrection (Mercury Records/SRM 1-3799): Let It Flow; Shake; Prisoner; Life Saver; Baby Don't Hold Back Now; Dance the Night Away; Sunlight; I Keep On Loving You; Work to Do; Declaration of Love.

1982 Brand New Start (MCA Songbird Records/MCA-5676): Stranger to Danger; Child of the Father; You Comfort Me; Waitin' On Heaven; Broken Heart; The Light; Our Desire; To Be Real; Inner Mission / Brand New Start.

1983 More (Myrrh Records/MSB 6753 / 7016754611): Givers and Takers; The Power; It's Almost Over; Coming Back Again; Free Man; My Heart Belongs to Him; More (Of Jesus); Children of the King; Praise Hymn; The Gift.

1983 Live Forever (Myrrh Records/7-01-6758-06-0): Introduction; Jesus Is a Waymaker; It's Alright; Free Rap; Freedom; Relationships Rap; Workin' On a Building; Jesus Is the Rock; Jesus Loves Me; The Invitation; Coming Back Again.

1985 Sheep In Wolves Clothing (Myrrh Records/7-01-6790-61-4): Crucible of Love; He Is Strong; I Will Rejoice; Love Lasts Forever; Morning Star; Gospel Ship; So Help Me God; Trains Up In the Sky; The Warrior.

1986 Look Up! (CBS Associated Records/BZT 40334): It's Alright With Me; Love Is All You Need; Peace Begins Within; San Francisco; I Wish I Hadn't; The Gunfighter; Heart of Iron; Saturday Night; Got to Get Used to It.

1987 Crack The Sky ((Myrrh Records/7-01-684106-5): Crack the Sky; Love God, Hate Sin; Closer Than a Heartbeat; Give It Up; I Belong; Let Me Be the One; Reach for the Sky; Heart On Fire; For My Growing.

1988 Greatest Hits ((Myrrh Records/701-6879-615): Free Man; Trains Up In the Sky; Love God, Hate Sin; He Is Strong; Morning Star; Gospel Ship; Freedom; Crack the Sky; My Heart Belongs to Him; For My Growing; I Will Rejoice; The Warrior.

1988 Face The Music (Star Song Records/SSD 8099): Won By One; Sixteen; Talk to Me; Modern Man; Mercy Seat; Again and Again; Change; Rock of Safety; Lamb of God.

1989 Big World (Star Song Records/SSD 8120): Fan Fare; Big World; Love Comes Down; Falling In Love; Face to Face; Jesus, It's You; Turn the Tables On Me; Remember the Future; Let Love Conquer; The Distance; Movin' On.

1990 Crank It Up (Star Song Records/SSD 8145): Crank It Up; Denomination Demolition; New Attitude; Letter From the Front; Give It Away; Shower the People; Dancing In the Light; Heaven; World Changer; Going Home.

1992 A Decade of Love (Star Song Records/SSD 8185): More; Again and Again; You Comfort Me; Movin' On; Lamb of God; Give It Away; Secret Place; The Warrior; Stranger to Danger; Morning Star; Inner Mission; Brand New Start; Jesus, It's You; Praise Hymn; The Gift.

1992 Faith, Hope & Love (Star Song Records/SSD 8255): Invincible Love; The Name of the Lord; Holy Is the Lord; The Power of Love; Don't Say It's Over; Give Thanks; Closer Than a Friend; Humble Yourself; Masterpeace; Callin' Down Fire; Faithful.

2003 Bow Down (Angel Band Music): Dream; Fly; Do Not Be Anxious; Bow Down; You Comfort Me; River In the Desert; Mighty God; I Will Wait; I Sing My Praise to You; Benediction.

2007 The Definitive Collection (Word Records/080688708962): Free Man; Trains Up In the Sky; Love God, Hate Sin; More; Morning Star; Gospel Ship; Crack The Sky; My Heart Belongs To Him; For My Growing; The Warrior.

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