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K.King s Heralds 1970s

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King's Heralds Discography 1970s

1973 Amazing Grace (Chapel Records/S-5216): Amazing Grace; How Great Thou Art; Open My Eyes; Nearer My God To Thee; Only A Boy Named David; God's Love; Near The Cross; Noah; Come Let Me Sing; You'd Better Get You Ready (John Ramsey, Jerry Patton, Jack Veazey, Jim McClintock, Brad Braley, Calvin Taylor).

1974 It's Spiritual (Chapel Records/S-5238): Swing Down Chariot; Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel; Climbin' Up The Mountain; Didn't They Crucify My Lord; My Soul's Been Anchored In The Lord; Humble Yourself; Walk That Milky White Way; Hallelujah; Calvary; Soon, One Morning; Keep In The Middle Of The Road (John Ramsey, Jerry Patton, Jack Veazey, Jim McClintock).

1974 Side By Side (Chapel Records/S-5242): I'll Tell The World; Welcome Home, Children; If God's Not There; The Seasons; Side By Side; Redemption Draweth Nigh; God Made Our Hands; This Little Light Of Mine; Baby Boy; He Did It All For Me (John Ramsey, Jerry Patton, Jack Veazey, Jim McClintock).

1975 Yes, God Is Real (Chapel Records/S-5265): Yes, God Is Real; Trials Make Pure Gold; Higher Hands; If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again; He Knows Just How Much We Can Bear; Jesus Is Coming; Singing Hymns Around The Piano Back Home; Where Could I Go But To The Lord; In The Shadow Of The Cross; Never Give Up (John Ramsey, Jerry Patton, Jack Veazey, Jim McClintock).

1976 A Capella Again (Chapel Records/S-5290): The Story Of Jesus (Medley); Ain't That Good News; Love Was When; Let Us Break Bread Together; What A Friend We Have In Jesus; Heavenly Father, Bless Me Now; Master The Trumpet Is Raging; Ye Sons And Daughters Of The King; How Firm A Foundation; There Is Power In The Blood; O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing; We Pray To Thee (John Ramsey, Jerry Patton, Jack Veazey, Jim McClintock).

1976 Love (Chapel Records/S-5299): My Jesus, I Love Thee; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; Saviour, Teach Me; Morning Moments With Jesus; King Jesus Will Roll All Burdens Away; Happy Birthday, America; This Is My Country/My Country, 'Tis Of Thee/America The Beautiful/God Bless America; Pour Mourner's Got A Home At Last; Wonderful Peace; Without The Love Of Jesus; The Last Words Of David (John Ramsey, Jerry Patton, Jack Veazey, Jim McClintock).

1977 If My People (Chapel Records/S-5312): If My People; Anywhere With Jesus; More Love To Thee; Walk In Jerusalem; The Savior Is Waiting; King Of Glory; Precious Lord, Take My Hand; The Cross (Medley); Sweet Sweet Spirit; Quiet Place (John Ramsey, Jerry Patton, Jack Veazey, Jim Ayars).

1977 40th Anniversary Album (Hosanna House/S-5320): I've Been Listenin; My Faith Is Clingin' To Thee; Shine On Me; Were You There; When I Survey; Onward Christian Soldiers; Soldiers Of The Captain; Go Ye; On The King's Highway; Standing By; Ride The Chariot; With A Voice Of Singing; In That Great Gettin' Up Morning; Without The Love Of Jesus; Anywhere With Jesus; My Lord's Goin' To Move This Wicked Place; How Great Thou Art; Tenderly He Watches; Still Still With Thee; Farther Along; Deep In My Heart; The Old Time Religion; Side By Side; Hold The Fort; Yes, God Is Real; Ride On King Jesus; Look For The Waymarks (two record set).

1978 In Remberance Of Me (Hosanna House/S-5323): In Remembrance Of Me; Creation Speaks; When We Seek Jesus; He Died For Us; Prayer Of Our Lord Jesus; Allelua; I Am Seeking For A City; Teach Me Lord; Now I Belong To Jesus; Turn Your Life Over To Jesus (John Ramsey, Jerry Patton, Jack Veazey, Jim Ayars).

1979 Healing Love (Hosanna House/S-5355): Balm In Gilead; One Touch; Yes, He Did; Healing Love; At Even, When The Sun Was Set; The Restoration Of Man; Thank You, Lord; Let Us Exhalt His Name; Jesus Is Preparing Mansions; Child Of God; There's A Melody In Your Heart; I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say (John Ramsey, Jerry Patton, Jack Veazey, Jim Ayars).

1979 Golden Jubilee (Hosanna House/S-5380): Amazing Grace; The Wonder Of It All; In The Garden; Walk That Milky White Way; Holy Holy; Near To The Heart Of God; It Took A Miracle; Go Not Far From Me O Lord; He Holds The World Together; Jesus Lover Of My Soul; When We All Get To Heaven; City Of Light (John Ramsey, Jerry Patton, Jack Veazey, Jim Ayars, Jim Teel, Del Delker).

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