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J.James Blackwood Quartet

Group Members

Rosie Rozell (1990-1991)
Larry Ford (1991-1995)

James Blackwood (1990-1995)

Ray Shelton (1990-1995)

Ken Turner (1990-1995)

Brad White (1990-1995)


James Blackwood Quartet (1990-1995)

After retiring from the Masters V in 1987, James Blackwood sang as a soloist until forming a group that would carry his name in 1990. Initial members included Rosie Rozell, Blackwood, former Senators baritone and group owner Ray Shelton, long-time Blackwood Brothers bass singer Ken Turner and pianist Brad White. Rozell soon came off the road and was replaced by Larry Ford. The group disbanded in 1995.


1991 Magnificent Sounds (Skylite Records/SSC-6413): God Is Good; The Eastern Gate; Walk With Me; I Want To Be More Like Jesus; Until You've Known The Love Of God; I Just Can't Make It By Myself; The Ground Is Level At Calvary; The Keys To The Kingdom; Just A Little Talk With Jesus; Oh, What A Savior. (James Blackwood, Ken Turner, Larry Ford, Ray Shelton, Brad White).

1992 Speak His Name (Homeland Records/HD 9086): What Kind Of Christian Are You; How About Your Heart; Speak His Name; Every Need Supplied; Mighty God; Old Fashioned Meeting In This Place; Little Is Much; Iíve Got That Old Time Religion; The War Is Over; No Less Than Me. (James Blackwood, Ken Turner, Larry Ford, Ray Shelton, Brad White).

1994 First Class Flight (Image Records/SCA-9401-CD): Rock My Troubles Away; For What Earthly Reason; God Is Still In Control; Lay Them Down; First Class Flight; It Was For Love Of Me; Mama's Song Book; I Am Strong; Brag About The Son; Love Found A Pardon. (James Blackwood, Ken Turner, Larry Ford, Ray Shelton, Brad White).
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