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I.If God Didn t Care

"If God Didn't Care" (Lee Roy Abernathy/Abernathy Publishing/SESAC)

  • Bill Gaither Trio (1961 Oh, How I Love Him)
  • Doy Ott (1967 Easy Listen')
  • Ernie Haase And Signature Sound (2010 Influenced - Spirituals And Southern Classics)
  • Jake Hess (1965 Just Jake; 1984 Gospel Classics Sung By Jake Hess - Volume One; 1995 Just Jake And A Few Close Friends; 1998 Nothing But Fine: 40 Years And Counting; 2004 A Tribute To Jake Hess)
  • Masters V (1985 Sing Sensational Statesmen Hits)
  • Statesmen (1958 The Bible Told Me So; 1992 Get Away Jordan)
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