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D.Dove Brothers Band

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Group Members

John Rulapaugh (1998-2002)
Jerry Martin (2002-2010)
Jonathan Price (2010-2011; 2012-2013)
Keith Casstevens (2012)
Devin Dove (2013-present) (also played drums)

McCray Dove (1998-Present) (also played piano)

Eric Dove (1998-2005; 2006-2013)
Lance Jeffrey (2005-2006; 2013-present)

Burman Porter (1998-2004, 2011-2013)
David Hester (2004-2011)
David Cable(2013-present)

Richard Simmons (1998-2002)
Andrew Smith (2002-2005)
Jerry Kelso (2005-2009)
Adam Harman (2010-2011)
Joe Lane (2011-2012)
Andy King (2012-2013)
McCray Dove (2013-present) (also sang lead)

Guitar Players (Bass, Electric and Steel)
Marc Peele (2010-2011)
Tony Peace (2011)
Jacob Danieley (2011-2012)
Bub White (2012-2013)
David Cable (2012-present) (also sang bass)
Mike Salley (????-2013)

Devin Dove (2010-Present) (also sang tenor)

Dove Brothers (2011)

Dove Brothers Band (1998-Present)


The Dove Brothers formed in 1998 around a nucleus comprised of former Dixie Melody Boys lead singer McCray Dove and his brother Eric. Other members of the initial group included bass singer Burman Porter, pianist Richard Simmons, and tenor John Rulapaugh. With their traditional look and sound, the group quickly made their mark in the industry. Reviving the classic Statesmen standard ďGet Away JordanĒ endeared the Dove Brothers to fans across the nation. As a result, the Dove Brothers won the 1999 Singing News Fan Award for Horizon Artist.

The next crowd pleasing favorite for the Dove Brothers was ďDidnít It Rain,Ē another classic gospel standard. McCray Doveís ďrain danceĒ excited crowds everywhere. At the National Quartet Convention, the group was joined on stage by the Speers who had recorded the song previously. For the next few years, no matter what else they sang, the Dove Brothers almost always ended their set with ďDidnít It RainĒ or ďGet Away Jordan.Ē In 2002, the group received the Singing News Fan Award for Traditional Male Quartet.

The first changes in personnel for the Dove Brothers came at the end of 2002 when John Rulapaugh and Richard Simmons left the group. At this point, the Doves added former Kingsmen tenor Jerry Martin and pianist Andrew Smith. By 2004, David Hester had replaced Burman Porter at the bass slot.

During 2004, the Dove Brothers were the featured group on the Quartet Legacy Tour, promoted by Charlie Waller. The tour consisted of a historical video presentation with live performances by the group interspersed between clips. The Dove Brothers changed costumes between each set and used period microphones to reflect the historical groups featured on the video.

2005 marked a stylistic turning point for the group. Their only CD release of that year (Anything But Ordinary, Everything But Typical) had a modern sound and for the first time, they avoided covering songs from the Statesmen/Blackwood Brothers era. Former Stamps Quartet pianist Jerry Kelso joined the Dove Brothers in the summer of 2005. Baritone Lance Jeffrey filled in for Eric Dove several months in late 2005 and early 2006, but did not record with the group.

In 2007, the Dove Brothers had their first number one song on the Singing News monthly airplay chart. Titled "I Can Pray," the song featured tenor singer Jerry Martin. It was written by Nathan Markee. In 2010, the Dove Brothers began traveling with a full-time band including Eric's 14-year-old son, Devin, on drums. In 2011, they released their first live recording featuring the band. In 2012, the group name was changed to Dove Brothers Band and they unveiled a new logo.


Singing News Fan Awards
Horizon Group (1999)
Favorite Traditional Male Quartet (2002)


1998 Pure Tradition (Homeland Records): Land So Fair; What Will You Do For Him; When I Move To Hallelujah Square; Let The Old Man Die; Give Me A Man That Can Cry; Jesus Is A Coming Back; How I Love To Serve The Lord; One Step; Hallelujah, Iím Saved; I Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb. (Rulapaugh, Dove, Dove, Porter, Simmons).

1999 On the Wings of a Dove (Homeland Records/4630): Forever And A Day; On The Wings Of A Dove; I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About To Happen; I Find No Fault; I Believe In The Old Time Way; Operator; One More River To Cross; Goodbye World Goodbye; Statement Of Faith. (Rulapaugh, Dove, Dove, Porter, Simmons).

1999 Sing the Quartet Way (Homeland Records): He Will Never Let You Down; Cross Medley; Look Up High; Stop Still And Listen; Get Away Jordan; Cross Chilly Jordan; Old Gospel Man; If That Isnít Love; What More Can He Do; Dig A Little Deeper. (Rulapaugh, Dove, Dove, Porter, Simmons).

2000 Flying High (Homeland Records): Something Within Me; Just To See My Lord; House Of Prayer; I Love To Call His Name; The Empty Tomb; Didnít It Rain; Iíll Praise The Lamb; Live Like Jesus; Thereís Still Power In The Old Rugged Cross; Gonna Ride That Train; Youíve Been In The Presence. (Rulapaugh, Dove, Dove, Porter, Simmons).

2001 Every Time I Feel The Spirit (Homeland Records): Heís Already Done; Behold The Lamb; Iím Bound For That City; Come On Letís Go To That Land; Every Time I Feel The Spirit; Everywhere You Go; Iím Gonna Pray; Gonna Rise; I Know He Heard My Prayer; More Of Me; Nearer To Jesus; One Day I Will. (Rulapaugh, Dove, Dove, Porter, Simmons).

2001 The Old Country Church (Homeland Records): The Eastern Gate; I Need Thee Every Hour; Who Am I; He Lives; Hide Thou Me; The Preacher; The Old Country Church; Farther Along; Iíll Meet You In The Morning; Operator. (Rulapaugh, Dove, Dove, Porter, Simmons).

2002 You Canít Stop God from Blessing Me (Ambur Records/5988): You Can't Stop God From Blessing Me; Hear Me Lord I Pray; I'm Going There; God Can; Heaven Is Better Than This; Just Another Hill; He'll Pilot Me; Sweet Baby Girl; He Did It All For Me; Glory Glory Amen. (Martin, Dove, Dove, Porter, Simmons).

2002 The Songs We Sing (Homeland Records/0248): When I Move To Hallelujah Square; I Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb; More Of Me; Live Like Jesus; Heís Already Done; One Step; Something Within Me; Didnít It Rain; The Eastern Gate; House Of Prayer; Come On Letís Go To That Land; Get Away Jordan. (Rulapaugh, Dove, Dove, Porter, Simmons).

hi-res | super hi-res (5 MB)
2003 Born Again (Ambur Records/04902): You Gotta Be Born Again; Just Begin To Live; I Must Tell Jesus; Read That Book; It Was Love; Life Can Have New Meaning; Jesus Died For Me; Use Me Lord; When I Get To Heaven; In The Prayer Room. (Martin, Dove, Dove, Porter, Smith).

2004 A Tribute to Mosie Lister (Sonlite Records/Crossroads Records): Blow Your Trumpet Gabriel; Nothing Can Compare; Wade On Out; If To Gain The World; My New Address; I Found A New Friend; Moviní To The Rhythm; The King And I; On Revival Day; Here Comes The King. (Martin, Dove, Dove, Hester, Smith).

2005 Anything But Ordinary Everything But Typical (Sonlite Records/Crossroads Records): Anything But Ordinary, Everything But Typical; Gossip The Gospel; One More Miracle; Have A Nice Day; When He Came Walking; Masterpiece; Just Imagine That; Believing Is Seeing; Itís Waiting For Me; Itís Called Heaven. (Martin, Dove, Dove, Hester).

2006 Shout It Out Joshua; Those Tender Hands; Go The Distance; Run On; Look For Me At Jesus' Feet; Clouds Roll Back; He Didn't Throw The Clay Away; Shout It Out; Thanks To Calvary; Stand By Me; Lonesome Road. (Martin, Dove, Dove, Hester, Kelso).

2006 Never The Same (Sonlite Records/SL30792): Taking It Back; Never Ever Be The Same; I Will Lay Them At His Feet; The Miracle Of Faith; I'm Gonna Make It; Journey's End; Gloryland Express; I Can Pray; The Maranatha Church Revival; No Time. (Martin, Dove, Dove, Hester, Kelso).

2008 Life (Sonlite Records/SL30892): After The Storm; Give It To The Lord; I Want To Live My Life For You; You Don't Know God's Love; A Day In The Life Of America; Face To Face With Grace; I Still Got A Feeling; You Would Think He Would Learn; You Can't Fix It; Smooth Sailing. (Martin, Dove, Dove, Hester, Kelso).

2009 Hold On (Sonlite Records/SL31022): Hold On; I'm Gonna Rise, I'm Gonna Fly; Leaving On My Mind; When I Wake Up In The Morning; He's Gonna Smile On Me; A Little Good News; Back To Egypt; Little David; Jesus, He's Everything To Me; He's Sending Miracles. (Martin, Dove, Dove, Hester, Kelso).

2009 Decennial (Custom Records/DB-8714): When I Move To Hallelujah Square; Anyway; Didn't It Rain; My Life; Get Away Jordan; Just Another Hill; Gonna Rise; Sweet Baby Girl; One Step; Let The Old Man Die. (Martin, Dove, Dove, Hester, Kelso).

2010 Unshakeable (Sonlite Records/SL31132): Good Ole Gospel Song; Hey Lazarus; If I Knew Then; Oh Buddah; Preachin' In Prison; King Jesus; My Soul Has Been Set Free; How About You; I Recall; Unstoppable. (Martin, Dove, Dove, Hester).

2011 Live (Sonlite Records/SL31192): Jesus Is The Man For The Hour; I Recall; Life Can Have New Meaning; Were You There; My Soul Has Been Set Free; There Is Power In The Blood; He Made A Change In Me; Shout It Out; Still Singing The Song; We Gotta Love. (Price, Dove, Dove, Hester, Dove, Peele, Harman).


Dove Brothers Videos

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