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D.Dixie Melody Boys 1990s

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Dixie Melody Boys Discography Ė 1990s

1990 On Fire (Morningstar Records/MS4109): He Lifted Me; Even So Come; That Same Fire; The Courtroom; Rebuild The Fire; Shout It Out; Didn't He; I've Got My Eyes Fixed On Heaven. (Derrick Boyd, McCray Dove, Ed O'Neal, Larry Delawder, Steve Wood).

1990 Sing Classics (Custom Records/): Lord Donít Move That Mountain; One Day At A Time; The Tomb Is Empty; Antioch Church Choir; When I Cross To The Other Side Of Jordan; Sweet Beulah Land; This Old House; It Is Well With My Soul. (Derrick Boyd, McCray Dove, Steve Wood, Ed OíNeal Larry Delawder).

1991 Dynamic (Morningstar Records/MS4126): That'll Be The Day; For The Love Of Me; How I Love That Name; Celebration; Come On Down; I Can Hear The Thunder; Perfect Stranger; I Finally Made It; I've Got A Helper; Crowning Of The Lamb. (Derrick Boyd, McCray Dove, Bill Bass, Ed O'Neal, Larry Delawder, Steve Wood).

1992 Sing The Old Time Way (Dixie Melody Boys Records/DMB-192): Do You Really Care; Lifeís Evening Sun; I Know My Savior Is There; Wonderful Time Up There; Heaven Is My Home; Shout All Over Heaven; Around The Throne; Everybody Will Be Happy. (Derrick Boyd, McCray Dove, Rodney Griffin, Ed OíNeal, Eric Ollis, Larry Delawder).

1992 With Feeling (Dixie Melody Boys Records/DMB-292): He Came Back; It Is No Secret; Iíve Got More To Go To Heaven For; Jesus Is Mine; He Can Say Peace; Heís Called Jesus; When The Sun Of My Life Goes Down; Never Grow Old. (Derrick Boyd, McCray Dove, Rodney Griffin, Ed OíNeal, Eric Ollis, Larry Delawder).

1992 Gonna Praise The Lord Live (Morningstar Records/MS4143): I'm Feeling Just Fine; Peace In The Valley; Listen To The Bells; He's Alive And Well; I'll Have A New Song; Stand By Me; He Touched Me; I Just Gotta Praise The Lord; When Morning Comes; He Didn't Move Mount Calvary; When I Cross To The Other Side Of Jordan.

1993 No Compromise (Morningstar Records/MS4165): Don't Point A Finger; If You Want To Please The Fater; When My Knees Touch Gold; Get On Board; Free For All; Heaven Will Be A Reality; When I See The Lamb; Cool, Clear, Everlasting Living Water; I Won't Compromise; Lord Use Me.

1994 Masterpiece (Morningstar Records/MS4183): There's No Back Door To Heaven; Masterpiece; I'll Be Living That Way; You've Done Enough; What More Could He Have Done; It Is Finished; Beautiful Heaven; Jesus Died So I Won't Have To; The Ship Will Not Go Down; That's Why I'm Praying For You.

1995 Traditions And Harmony (Morningstar Records): Iíve Got A Ticket To Shout; I Am The Lamb; Back In The Good Ole Days; When I Fly Away; It Had To Be Grace; When I Go Sailing; On This Side Of The Grave; I Need To Hear From Jesus; Land Of Grace; I Know Iíve Been Redeemed (Harold Reed, McCray Dove, Dave Needham, Ed OíNeal, Eric Ollis).

1996 Old Time Religion (Morningstar Records/MS4239): When I Lay My Burdens Down; A Mansion Being Built; Walkin' In The Light; Precious Lamb Of Calvary; He's My King; Welcome Home; Ordinary Day; Nothing New About The Old Time Religion; Another Door; Clapping Of The Nail Scarred Hands (Harold Reed, McCray Dove, David Needham, Ed O'Neal, Eric Ollis).

1997 100% Pure Southern Gospel (Morningstar Records/MS4277): Antioch Church Choir; I'm Going Up; Let Me Be There; I'm Dying To Tell You; Hold On To My Hand; I'm Gettin' Ready; Anything; No Thorns In His Crown; He's Counting Sheep; I Love To Tell The Story.

1998 Live in Music City: Introduction by Dr. Jerry Goff; When I Go Sailing; Goin' To A City; Stand By Me; We Do Not Die; There Is A River; Before Sunrise The Son Rose; Peace In The Valley; Ed O'Neal Comments; Little Is Much; Oh, What A Savior; How Beautiful Heaven Must Be.

1999 Heading Home (Some Dawning Records/16752): Giver Of Amazing Grace; I'm Not Weeping; I Wanna Go To Heaven; Grace Found A Place; No Wonder They Call Him The Savior; I'm One Of Them; Arise; Wonderful Change; They're Playing Our Song; It's Called Heaven; The River Still Flows; Heading Home.

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