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B.Blue Ridge

Group Members

Tony Cannon
Michael Conrad
Kelly Corbin
Kevin Corbin
Eric Hall
David Moffitt
Dwight Vinson

Blue Ridge (????-????)


1989 True Colors (Blue Ridge Productions/0136): Shout Over Heaven; Children Go Where I Send Thee; Give Him Praise; Jubilee; Welcome To Heaven; Help Is On The Way; Rock Of Ages; We Shall See Jesus; I'm Telling The World About His Love; I Bowed On My Knees And Cried Holy. (Kelly Corbin, Kevin Corbin, Dwight Vinson, David Moffitt).

1991 Live (Blue Ridge Productions/2106): Letís Go In; Hallelujah Ground; Iíll Fly Away; In Care Of Calvary; Walkiní In The Middle; Rock Of Ages; God Bless The USA; Band Introductions; Old Time Religion; His Greatest Work In Me; Heís My Rock; He Touched Me; Jesus Loves Me. (Tony Cannon, Dwight Vinson, David Moffitt, Kelly Corbin, Kevin Corbin).

1991 Church Hymnal Volume 2 (Blue Ridge Productions/0169): Farther Along; Traveliní On; Precious Memories; New Body; Everybody Will Be Happy; When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder; Sweet Hour Of Prayer; Old Time Religion; Heís My King. (Tony Cannon, Dwight Vinson, David Moffitt, Kelly Corbin, Kevin Corbin).

1995 Take Courage (Horizon Records/3106): When We All Get Together; Take Courage; Thatís Enough; Down At The Cross; Itíll Be Glorious; What A Day That Will Be; He That The Son Has Set Free; Venom To Victory; Over The Horizon; Til The Storm Passes By. (Dwight Vinson, Kevin Corbin, Kelly Corbin, David Moffitt, Michael Conrad, Eric Hall).

1996 Southern Style (Blue Ridge Productions): Old Gospel Ship; Take Courage; When We All Get Together; Iíd Rather Have Jesus; Jubilee; Iíll Meet You In The Morning; What A Day That Will Be; Jesus Hold My Hand; Iíd Rather Have Jesus; Venom To Victory; Itíll Be Glorious; Iím Free; Robe And Crown. (Kelly Corbin, Kevin Corbin, Dwight Vinson, With Special Guest Anthony Burger).

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